baht (t): thai unit of currency (in 1999 1 baht= AUD 0.25)
chao le (t): sea gypsies
chao phraya (t): the river that flows through bangkok
cock & football (l): a lao brand of rolling papers
farang (t): any western (read: white) person or tourist
karen (t): one of the indigenous hill tribes of northern thailand & burma
khob khun khrap (t): "thankyou very much"
kip (l): lao unit off currency (in 1999 AUD 1= 4000 kip)
soi (t & l): lane
stupa (t & l): pointed dome on buddhist temples
takraw (t): thailand's national game, a cross between beach volleyball & soccer
thanon (t & l): street
thao rai (t): "how much?"
tuk-tuk (t & l): small three-wheeled taxi
wat (t): a buddhist temple