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This month I travelled to Australia for the first time in almost three years, and last night I gave my first ever feature reading in Sydney as part of the Newtown-based ‘Final Friday’ series. A limited run chapbook of poems was also distributed at the event, which was a total blast.

Prater_final_friday_coverFinal Friday 


1. Anti-Kraak
2. Cute
3. Oz*
4. Sunshine for Kim Dae-Jung
5. Come with me, through
6. dress young
7. Gowayz ob LOL: "O Kitteh! Meh Kitteh!"
8. days roaring

* external link 

24-page A5 chap­book, staple-bound (15 printed)
Pub­lished by
Design and layout by Adrian Wiggins 
Cover image by Adrian Wiggins, 'Installation by Melik Ohanian in Georges Pompidou titled 'Slowmotion - From Slave to Valse'.

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