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The In Jokes


Future pranksters The In Jokes (pictured) will release their debut (in fact, only) single on the highly respected [dnrc] label some time in 2007. Find out its fate by visiting the [dnrc] site today. Or tomorrow. I mean, it’ll still be there then. The picture above, taken by a [dnrc] administrative assistant at a recent bash held to celebrate [dnrc]’s fiftieth release, shows multi-instrumentalist Wu Gazer on the left and cryptic lyricist Maikiki on the right, just behind, slightly out of focus. Hat and specs were provided by the lead singer of Super Grope, who should not be confused with the lead singer of The Cosby Kids. Hair, as ever, by Brian.

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  1. the in jokes bear a startling resemblance to the shabby mumbles – & not too dissimilar to 80s hasbeens plup …