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This section features downloadable mp3s of my poems and music, as well as links to other audio poems published elsewhere online.

Listen to my words of wisdom … mashups welcome

Listen to my words of wisdom … mashups welcome

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During the recent K&D Stylings North American Tour, I took a detour to attend the Electronic Literature Organization conference: Electrifying Literature / Affordances and Constraints, which was held at West Virginia University in Morgantown.

Actually, it wasn’t so much a detour as the second leg of my itinerary but WGAF. Anyways, I also presented a paper at the conference, and that’s what this post is really about. As you can see from the image above, my audience was vast. Again, I tell a squeaky little lie. This is what the auditorium looked like ten minutes before my panel started. Which was still at the godless hour of 8.30am on Saturday 23 June 2012.

Thankfully, a few hardy souls ended up arriving to witness me, Alexandra Saemmer and Clara Fernandez-Vara go through the motions. Overall, I was happy with my presentation, which was on the subject of Cordite Poetry Review, the journal of which I used to be the Managing Editor, and its status (or otherwise) as a work of electronic literature (read the full abstract). I don’t have much to say about the content of the presentation itself, but hope I’ll be able to draw something coherent together for the EBR thread dedicated to the conference.

The conference itself was really inspiring—although as usual it just wasn’t possible to catch everything I wanted to see, even for an academic community as small and well-defined as the e-lit scene. Highlights for me included Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux’s brilliant discussion of Dwarf Fortress, the goofy UnderAcademy College ‘panel’, the Taroko Gorge remix panel, Stephanie Strickland and Nick Montfort’s presentation about code commenting in Sea and Spar Between and Florian Cramer’s provocative keynote speech.

I also really enjoyed taking a few days out from an otherwise manic three city tour——NYC, Montreal and Chicago in less than three weeks: never again!——to experience the … serenity? … of Morgantown. So my personal highlights included an impromptu country hoe-down at the local brew pub, the quaint old fraternity and sorority buildings on campus and … most of all … the infamous Morgantown PRT!

Anyway, I’m quite serious about welcoming mashups of my talk. You can listen to and download it above. Use the feedback button on the right hand side of this page if you’d like to send me an mp3. Or if you’d just like to say hello. It takes all sorts.

From the Archives: Last Night Betty Extender

From the Archives: Last Night Betty Extender

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It seems like a long time ago that I wrote the poem ‘Last Night Betty’, and it seems like an eternity since I listened to this slice of mixed up toe-jam.

Featuring unauthorised guitar licks from ELT, and a drum beat from a nifty little app called the Rapmaster that I’ve not been able to find again.

Strap yourself in and be prepared.

It doesn’t get much loopier than this.

‘Live In the Bahamas’ leaks onto the Internet

‘Oceans (Lice)’, by Clint Bo Dean
(Note: if you can’t see the audio player above, you’ll need to enable javascript in your browser).

As NASA and other important organisations begin their preparations for the countdown to DNRC’s 100th release, tensions on the Tribesco peninsula have risen after the apparent leaking of an excerpt from Clint Bo Dean’s prescient masterpiece, Live in the Bahamas, onto the Intranet. We reviewed the odd-ball LP here in May, but eager listeners can now get a taste of the contents of the record’s live ‘feel’ via the attached mp3 exclusive, which was apparently leaked a micro-second before the entire album was deleted from the DNRC archives altogether. While the quality of the recording suggests that this is a bootleg rather than an official CBD release, one listen to the final ‘track’ from the album, the anthemic ‘Oceans (Lice)’ should set your mind at ease, at least with regards the burning question of whether the rest of the ‘set’ is worth listening to at all. Hint: it isn’t.

Karin Revisited: The Audio

Karin Revisited: The Audio

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Last Friday’s Poetry Picture Show event in Sydney was a lot of fun. Ten poets reading out poems about the moving image, followed by short films based on the contents of those poems.

Highlights for me were Kate Lilley’s take on Mildred Pierce and John Tranter’s Paris Blues but of course everyone was wonderful.

The crowd was great too, packing out the old Darlington School hall, a building I’d never even been to, though it’s in the grounds of Sydney University, where I scraped through an undergraduate degree.

You can read my poem Karin Revisited (inspired by the film Can You Feel Me Dancing, starring Justine Bateman as Karin) online or listen to an audio version above.

One thing I noticed about the text version of my poem, which is written in four line stanzas, is that I inadvertently included a stanza with only three lines.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the fourth line?

Here is what it looks like right now, in context:

Dancing makes you free. You're in an invisible
machine, standing upright, & each movement of
your body bends space & time. For Karin, that
moment before lift-off comes like a swoon, or

a screen kiss at the end of a dance. She freezes
in mid-air like Superman before a blue screen,
or a magician's assistant, supported by strings,

listening for the end of each scene. A minimum
of crowd noise, just the tube's silver surf. The
way it was that afternoon at home when she sat
& listened all the way through it. That silence ...

Any ideas?

Clint Bo Dean releases first tracks from debut album!

Snelheid 2

After years of inactivity, lame excuses, courtroom dramas and peanut allergies, Clint Bo Dean has finally got around to releasing the first tracks from his startlingly-weird debut album, currently entitled “Never Go Ashtray”. Rumoured to be even more incendiary than Ash Wednesday, the album may well be released in time for Christmas, but that’s anyone’s biscuit. The songs, both instrumentals, are known as “Snelheid Two” and “Klein Uurtje”. You can check out “Snelheid Two” here. Rumours that the entire album will be released in Dutch are “heel gek,” according to the pixellated star.

I Claim Responsibility

I Claim Responsibility

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The first recording by Davey Dreamnation since the second space shuttle exploded, “I Claim Responsibility” was originally aired as a spoken word piece on ABC Radio National in 2005 as part of the Deep End Poetry Slam.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Davey completely re-recorded the track to cassette and then uploaded the song to his personal computing empire, losing most of the original’s unique sounds and tuning in the process.

Forever destined to undersell his own lyrical genius, Dreamnation manages once again on this track to confound, move and alienate an entire generation, and all in three minutes and forty eight seconds.

Beat that!

GDS Promo and Track!

GDS Promo

The Boys Who

Check out this promotional clip (once called a “cart” in the community radio sector) for the launch of Going Down Swinging #23. Why should I care? Well, this is the first time I’ve ever been mentioned in a cart. I can now add this honour to my list of good things. Oh, and because the launch will be happening this Sunday 25th June, 7pm – 10pm, featuring performances by sultry band The Renovators, David Prater, Silvia Dropulich, Jane Ormond and more. Launched By Barry Dickins. MC Michael Nolan. Where? Yelza, 245 Gertrude St Fitzroy. Tickets $12 with a book; $7 without. Tickets available only at the door. For more info visit the GDS site. I’m lucky enough to have a poem, entitled “Fifty”, in the issue. In addition, you can now check out one of my audio poems from the GDS vaults. It’s called “The Boys Who” and it’s featured on the CD accompanying the issue. What can I say? Two pieces in the best Australian literary journal ever! Untold and bulk ace!

Two Buddha Machines Hum As One (for Kat)

The Buddha Machine [now in version 2] is an ambient music player that features eight different loops in an attractive (in my case, hot pink) casing.

Decidedly lo-fi and ultra-cool, the BM has even been reviewed on Pitchfork and is crying out for some experimental sonic fusion.

So here’s one attempt at getting two Buddha Machines to talk to each other – the sound and vision (AVI quality) may be a bit patchy but there’s no doubting the fact that these two little Walkman clones just want to chirrup like a couple of new-born Yodel Monkeys.

Look, listen and learn, Brian Eno.

‘There’s a wild Jack Russell in the Moon’ (audio)


This audio version of ‘There’s a wild Jack Russell in the Moon’ was recorded live at Babble by Sean M. Whelan on February 1 2006 as part of my feature set.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of a piano, coming out of the speakers of a very old Walkman. Sit back and imagine me pretending to play the piano while I recite the poem.

Think Billy Joel. Is an arsehole.

Merciful and rapid-response editing of this piece (originally over ten minutes in length) was carried out by DJ Sassy Pants. Unfortunately this means you don’t get to hear me go ‘woof’.

My first podcast!

My Body Is A Radio

Hopefully, you should somehow be able to download a version of my poem “My Body Is A Radio” (click here to read the lyrics as I speak the words!) in mp3 format. The poem was recorded live at Babble on February 1, 2006 by the jaw-droppingly funky Mr Sean M. Whelan. Leave a comment and let me know if/how/why you liked/disliked it. Oh and if you have any technical problems leave a comment too. Okay just leave a freaking comment. I won’t bite.

The Deep End National Poetry Slam

ABC Radio National last night broadcast what it called the first ever National poetry slam in Australia, courtesy of the Deep End program and fellow-Proser charlotte sometimes. The program featured nine finalists from around Australia (including another Proser, KL) plus yours truly performing a “sacrificial lamb” role by reading out a poem before the contest started.

The poem, entitled “I Claim Responsibility” was first made famous by the Mike Oldfield Five, who used the piece during their incendiary Babble Bam Slam appearance at the Melbourne Writers Festival in August this year.

Visit the Deep End website to download each finalist’s piece (Real Media or Windows Player) and then vote for the one you think is the best. Please vote for Klare. The first prize is recording time at the ABC.

I really enjoyed the experience of reading for a national audience. It would have been nice to have my poem up on the Deep End site too but then I guess that’s why they called me the sacrificial lamb. Sniff. At least the one person who signed the Deep End guestbook agrees with me.

Davey Dreamnation: “Intake”

DNRC013 | EP | 2003 Read more

Davey Dreamnation: “Islands In the Stream of Consciousness”

DNRC012 | LP | 2002 Read more

Davey Dreamnation releases debut single: “Hot Soup Girl”

Davey Dreamnation releases debut single: “Hot Soup Girl”

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Writing from the computer laboratory of his Camp Davey compound, Davey Dreamnation last night typed these (what will surely in the future come to be regarded as) seminal, if not incendiary, lines:

Don’t ask me to explain how, but I’ve managed to record an mp3, upload it to this site and now, in this post, for the first time, and for a very short time only, I am giving you the chance to download this song. Right HERE!!!!

It’s called Hot Soup Girl. Someone reading this will get the reference, but this may not be you. If you’re reading this in the future, you will of course not be able to download the track at all.

Because I will, by then, be a multi-platinum sales artist, and this track will only be available on my private fan site, access to which is granted solely by me and my trained llama.

So, enjoy, whilst ye still can.

Fans eager for a meagre slice of history can now download the song here.

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