I Claim Responsibility

I Claim Responsibility

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The first recording by Davey Dreamnation since the second space shuttle exploded, “I Claim Responsibility” was originally aired as a spoken word piece on ABC Radio National in 2005 as part of the Deep End Poetry Slam.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Davey completely re-recorded the track to cassette and then uploaded the song to his personal computing empire, losing most of the original’s unique sounds and tuning in the process.

Forever destined to undersell his own lyrical genius, Dreamnation manages once again on this track to confound, move and alienate an entire generation, and all in three minutes and forty eight seconds.

Beat that!

GDS Promo and Track!

GDS Promo

The Boys Who

Check out this promotional clip (once called a “cart” in the community radio sector) for the launch of Going Down Swinging #23. Why should I care? Well, this is the first time I’ve ever been mentioned in a cart. I can now add this honour to my list of good things. Oh, and because the launch will be happening this Sunday 25th June, 7pm – 10pm, featuring performances by sultry band The Renovators, David Prater, Silvia Dropulich, Jane Ormond and more. Launched By Barry Dickins. MC Michael Nolan. Where? Yelza, 245 Gertrude St Fitzroy. Tickets $12 with a book; $7 without. Tickets available only at the door. For more info visit the GDS site. I’m lucky enough to have a poem, entitled “Fifty”, in the issue. In addition, you can now check out one of my audio poems from the GDS vaults. It’s called “The Boys Who” and it’s featured on the CD accompanying the issue. What can I say? Two pieces in the best Australian literary journal ever! Untold and bulk ace!

Two Buddha Machines Hum As One (for Kat)

The Buddha Machine [now in version 2] is an ambient music player that features eight different loops in an attractive (in my case, hot pink) casing.

Decidedly lo-fi and ultra-cool, the BM has even been reviewed on Pitchfork and is crying out for some experimental sonic fusion.

So here’s one attempt at getting two Buddha Machines to talk to each other – the sound and vision (AVI quality) may be a bit patchy but there’s no doubting the fact that these two little Walkman clones just want to chirrup like a couple of new-born Yodel Monkeys.

Look, listen and learn, Brian Eno.

‘There’s a wild Jack Russell in the Moon’ (audio)


This audio version of ‘There’s a wild Jack Russell in the Moon’ was recorded live at Babble by Sean M. Whelan on February 1 2006 as part of my feature set.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of a piano, coming out of the speakers of a very old Walkman. Sit back and imagine me pretending to play the piano while I recite the poem.

Think Billy Joel. Is an arsehole.

Merciful and rapid-response editing of this piece (originally over ten minutes in length) was carried out by DJ Sassy Pants. Unfortunately this means you don’t get to hear me go ‘woof’.

My first podcast!

My Body Is A Radio

Hopefully, you should somehow be able to download a version of my poem “My Body Is A Radio” (click here to read the lyrics as I speak the words!) in mp3 format. The poem was recorded live at Babble on February 1, 2006 by the jaw-droppingly funky Mr Sean M. Whelan. Leave a comment and let me know if/how/why you liked/disliked it. Oh and if you have any technical problems leave a comment too. Okay just leave a freaking comment. I won’t bite.