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I was the managing editor of Cordite Poetry Review between 2001 and 2012. I produced thirty full issues of the magazine, plus ten mini-issues, in an online format.

ISSUES AS EDITOR (2001-2012)

#37.1: Nebraska
#37.0: No Theme!
#36: Electronica
#35.2: Ozko: Hanguk-Hoju
#35.1: Ozko: Hoju-Hanguk
#35.0: Ozko: Envoy
#34: Children of Malley II
#33.1: CC: The Remixes
#33: Creative Commons
#32: Zombie 2.0
#31: Epic | Post-Epic
#30: Custom | Made
#29.1: Haikunaut
#29: Pastoral
#28.1: Mulloway
#28: Secret Cities
#27: Experience
#26.1: White Homes
#26: Innocence
#25: Generation of Zeroes
#24.1: Candylands
#24: Common Wealth
#23: Children of Malley
#22: Editorial Intervention
#21.1: Robo
#21: Domestic Enemy
#20: Submerged
#19: Anti/Heroes
#18: Roots
#17: Driver
#16: Search
#15: Glitter
#14: Zombie
#13: International
#12: Test Match
#11: Copyleft
#10: Location: Asia Australia
#09: Music
#08: Festival

Work: A Cordite-Prairie Schooner Co-Feature

I’m very pleased to say that Work: A Cordite-Prairie Schooner Co-Feature is now online, and available for your cerebral delectation. But what is Prairie Schooner? And what do I mean by ‘co-feature’? And what the heck is ‘cerebral delectation’ anyway?

Cordite 37: No Theme! is now online

Cordite 37: No Theme! is now online and features forty new works by a whole bunch of poets who got super-excited by the opportunity to send us poems on any theme they liked. Or else, um, no theme at all.

Cordite 36: Electronica is now online

I’m a bit behind the eight-ball here, but all the same it’s a real thrill to announce that Cordite 36: Electronica is now online!

Cordite 35: Ozko is (back) online!

#35.0: Oz-Ko (Envoy) Contributors: Zenobia Frost, Derek Rawson, Tim Wright, Patrick Jones, David Howard, Emily Stewart, Sue Stanford, Mark Young, Geoff Page, Cassandra Atherton, Shane Macauley (with Hyang Ja), Nöelle Janaczewska, Rhonda Poholke, Fleur…

I edited Cordite for ten years, and all I got was this lousy screenshot montage

Still, as far as screenshot montages go, it’s not so bad. Read my post over on Cordite celebrating ten years and 2,000 posts, or check out a slideshow of screenshots at your leisure.

Cordite 35.1: Oz-Ko (Hoju-Hangul)

It’s kind of hard to believe, and in fact I’ve been feeling slightly delirious for the last few days, but I’ve finally managed to put together the second part of Cordite’s Oz-Ko issue…

Cordite 35: Oz-Ko – let the games begin!

My one sharp-eyed reader will recognise the image to the left as being based on Paju Book City, a photo that featured on this blog last month. I’m not sure why I bothered…

Children of Malley II

Cordite 34 is now online.

Creative Commons – The Remixes

It gives me great

Cordite 33 is now online!

Creative Commons!

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