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Isn’t the digital revolution a wonderful thing? Now anyone can be a photographer. Cue mountain, switch to black and white setting, click and voila: Ansell Adams, look and learn.



So, this happened …

K&D Brollopsfest, 10 August 2013


I lived in Solna, a suburban hub just to the north of Stockholm, for the past four weeks.

Gosh that’s interesting.

But seriously, now that I’m over my little bit of Karlskrona nostalgia – not to mention the monumental (though strangely non-material) process of resigning as the editor of an online poetry journal – it’s probably time for me to start writing in the present, about real things like, you know, all good bloggers should.

Nah, whatevs. Here’s four pictures of the same view out my apartment window instead.

Self-portraits with stippen

Photo Memories: Karlskrona 2011

In celebration of my impending departure from K-Town, here’s a little gallery of images taken throughout 2011 that, for me anyway, brings back some lovely memoreez …

Six Photobooth shots …

Gawd, I love me a bit of Photobooth action! These pix are taken from the same shoot as this little beauty.

From the Archives: the original D/DN bio image

To celebrate ten years of blogging (!) I’m introducing a new feature on this site. Amnesia Lane is a fortnightly post featuring words, images and/or sounds from the D/DN archives, with an emphasis on items never read, seen or heard before by the discerning public.

Exhibit A: this rare promotional shot.

This image, which was taken in 1999 by Rachael Antony aboard a cramped wooden boat travelling down the Mekong River, was kindly doctored by a friend who looks remarkably like Kevin Bacon, and who had assisted me in the making of some business cards in 2005. While this version of the Davey Dreamnation business card never did manage to find its way into the hands of a single Korean salaryman, its spirit lives on today. Extra points if you noticed the headphones. And the earring.

I was inspired to dig this shot out after an online exchange with Ryan Paine, who very kindly posted a link to my poem ‘mountains of pai‘ on his blog – a poem which, along with the rest of my chapbook The Happy Farang, I wrote while on the trip where this photo was taken.

Despite the fact that poor old Bingo seems to have no idea what the poem is about, it’s nice to take a trip down Amnesia Lane, back to the days when Pai was just a quiet little town where blues bands belted out covers of “Hey Joe’ without irony.

Dim (Star) Lights

해피 빼빼로 데이!

Happy Pepero Day - 11-11-2011!

Struga Graf

Image: graffiti on a wall in Struga, Macedonia

Coming soon to a Dead Poem Office near you

The All-Seeing ‘I’

People are beautiful


Hangul on the wall of Yi Sang House, Seoul. Tang can mean ‘bang’ (as in the sound a gun makes; bang, of course, means ‘room’), or ‘bath’, or ‘soup’.

Impressions of Korea …

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