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Category: Small thoughts


Absolutely loved Ann Leckie’s Raadch trilogy, and ‘Provenance’ is a worthy addition to her universe. I just wish the publishers had gone with a less shouty blurb/cover/testimonial approach. “POWER. THEFT. PRIVILEGE. BIRTHRIGHT.” is ridiculously over-the-top for what is essentially an introverted and subtle political-space drama!


As usual, all it took to restore my faith in humanity was a visit to the local library.


Hag-seed (Margaret Atwood, 2016) is such a fun novel, and so well written. I think I may be finally ready to deep dive into the big ones: Alias Grace, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Blind Assassin … So much to read, so little time.


Sitting at home with the windows closed on the one and only summer day we will get in Sverige this year, bawling my eyes out watching an imaginary movie on the backs of my eyelids called Björkpollen II: Det kliande ögat av Sauron.

The sorry (but still Happy) Farang

Whoops, sorry for the mass-broadcast/WP-tweeting of posts related to The Happy Farang. Truly inadvertent, accidental etc. But feel free to check out the poems (in all their raw glory) or download the revised PDF version complete with illustrations! O-or even, follow me on Twitter, if you dare . . .

New site design

As a temporary cure for my chronic case of inactivity, I’ve switched to the fantabulous Lovecraft WP theme … now, to write a new post or two.

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