I Claim Responsibility

I Claim Responsibility

The first recording by Davey Dreamnation since the second space shuttle exploded, “I Claim Responsibility” was originally aired as a spoken word piece on ABC Radio National in 2005 as part of the Deep End Poetry Slam. Never one to rest on his laurels, Davey completely re-recorded the track to cassette and then uploaded the song to his personal computing empire, losing most of the original’s unique sounds and tuning in the process. Forever destined to undersell his own lyrical genius, Dreamnation manages once again on this track to confound, move and alienate an entire generation, and all in three minutes and forty eight seconds. Beat that!

And for those of you who are hard of hearing, we’ve managed to translate, decipher and transcribe the words to the song, so you can mumble along!

I Claim Responsibility

Okay, it was me – it was me all along
I claim responsibility for you and you
yes for everything you’ve done
for every breath you take
yeah for Sting and the Police too

For oxygen and carbon dioxide
I created the poison you breathe
and you! don’t worry its all my fault
I poured in the fertilisers
and the rivers turned to salt

I’m taking responsibility for the this
and the that and the other –
i’ll cop the flak for the way that you
were treated by his brother
and yours too – sorry about that

It’s my fault – I wasted all your resources
detonated your bombs
the plane you caught – that time
when you didn’t get dinner – hey,
that was my doing

I made your left leg shorter than your right
I killed your dog, picked your nose
and slept with your sister
I ate your homework – it tasted good
I’ll claim responsibility for Boys ‘n Tha Hood

and as for Human Nature – mea culpa!
I suggested the title Whispering Jack
I designed John Howard’s eyebrows
the Middle East was fine until I came along
I claim full responsibility for that

And for you, and you – and U2.
It’s okay, I’m the guilty one
lay it on me bro – sis get this
you don’t have to worry about a thing
I’ll take the beating i’ll take it on my chin

I claim responsibility for the whole fucking thing
Michael Hutchence, Kurt Cobian,
Jim Morrison, Collingwood – fine, mea culpa!
Just don’t blame it on the boogie
Coz I claim responsibility

I did it all and I did it with a migraine!
A cliche in the hand is worth two in
somebody else’s wallet – I’m telling you,
the Berlin Wall took ages to build – and
I’m not happy Jan, I like traffic jams

Tuvalu looks better underwater!
I claim full responsibility for your death
and yours – and your granny’s
but this reality TV bullshit –
I think that’s up to you guys to fix.

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