davey dreamnation

seething since 2001

haiku: [enjambement]

breaks into sunshine like a
dog upon a pond

reflections collide
in the state forests full of
green ukrainians

built a big square pool
a private lesiure centre
up past anglesea

beware the great ocean
roads corrugation wonder
tyres love the earths drains

some shattered morning
a koala a chainsaw
australian dreams

of horizontal
views of empty posession
of a level plane

up past angahook
beyond the loggers canvas
camps desolation

sounds like yesterday
bitterness as currency
some velvent yawning

too little dreaming
empty materialist

worn like a warning
batteries silent missiles
on the old fritz time

for thermals time to
hit whats left of tomorrow
helling all the day

another petrol
tank to fill time for dreaming
to commence your wish

will now begin take
a deep breath begin to walk


[d’dn] search strings


소수: Paucity


  1. Anonymous

    been down to the coast
    have we? fairhaven my guess
    inlet air all round

  2. incorrect, i’m afraid:
    I was at a tribal rave
    with some friends of mine

  3. Anonymous

    I have been wrong once:
    when I said I was but wasn’t!
    Where was the rave, then?

  4. the ukrainian
    folk centre, something like that:
    hippies everywhere

  5. Anonymous

    ????? ??????????? how strange!
    next thing we know you’ll ask for
    equal rights –
    they’re yours !

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