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My 2008 Publications

In 2008, on the poetry front, A821.4 appeared in PFS Post (USA), ‚ÄòGreat Big Star’ in FourW, Sunbathing in Overland, ‚ÄòO’Dowd Seeks Whitman’ in Going Down Swinging (#27), B’rel’n and Bushpo in Cordite Poetry Review (#29), ‚ÄòRain Loop’ in Meanjin, ‚ÄòKerry’ in Famous Reporter, ‚ÄòNieuw Holland’ in Island (#113), ‚ÄòDe Kraai en het Paard’ in Going Down Swinging (#25), ‚Äòimaginary cities: capa’ in Southerly and ‚ÄòYer Morningness’ in The Age. While I’d always recommend the published versions of these poems, you can also find early drafts of most of them here – just use the search function. Travelling Types, first published in print in Overland (2007), has been given a new lease of life on the Overland site. The Performance of Publication: Recent Australian Poetry (Overland #191 2008) and Remembering Shelton Lea (Overland #190 2008) are also now online. Bring on 2009.

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