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Yikes! Where did the time go?

‘Regular’ ‘readers’ of this ‘blog’ would be excused for thinking that I’d fallen under a bus, given the absolute lack of any kind of update for over a month now. But the contrary is true: far from having fallen under a bus, I’m actually – ah, whatever.

Photo Memories: Karlskrona 2011

In celebration of my impending departure from K-Town, here’s a little gallery of images taken throughout 2011 that, for me anyway, brings back some lovely memoreez …

Stockholm Calling

Just like a Californian burrito maker, I’ve been preventing myself from spilling the beans by keeping them strictly under wraps (rim-shot!) but now seems as good a moment as any to announce that I will be moving to Stockholm. In ten days.

Övergången (2011)

‘Övergången’ is the Swedish word for ‘transition’. What better word, then, for a chapbook featuring ten poems originally written in English and translated into Swedish? I published a limited edition of fifty copies of this chapbook in 2011 in preparation for my ‘appearance’ at the Södermalms Poesifestival in Stockholm. Now I’m making it available here for viewing and download. Read Övergången today . . . tomorrow . . . next week!

Hourly forecast for Karlskrona (Blekinge, Sweden)

While most of my Australian friends sweat it out in typical summer fashion, here’s what we’ve got to look forward to over the next two days:

Art Line comes to Karlskrona!

In October, Art Line comes to Karlskrona, with a range of events planned, including a seminar on digital art.

Stars & Stripes

I have seen things you do not wish to see, in any theatre, not even in war. Together we have seen & done what few could ever imagine, even inside these dream machines….

Coming soon to K-Town!

Things have taken a turn for the untold here in Karlskrona, with today’s unveiling by Talan ‘Mad Skillz’ Memmott of a poster advertising the upcoming Cabaret Voltage event. Scheduled to rock the Scandinavian…


KA127, your work here is done. Take a load off.

One sign in Karlskrona that speaks for itself

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