Prospective Cryptocurrencies to Purchase in 2022

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Though 2022 year was not bypassed by economic crisis, investment activity in cryptocurrencies is still considered as an attractive direction. There are plenty of reasons for this. For example, comprehensive technological development in digital payments across the planet. New opportunities for paying for services in crypto are emerging. And cryptocurrencies do not stand still, all central cryptocurrencies have an extensive scheme of development and steadily adhere to it. However many investors face a question: where exactly is it better to invest money in 2022? If you have a desire to cryptocurrency IOTA, then click on the link.

Undoubtedly, the most famous cryptocurrency everyone considers BTC. Many experts invest exclusively in BTC, without diluting their financial portfolio with other assets. Perhaps, this decision is a bit risky, because fundamental investment guides strictly recommend using different assets. In other words, don't leave all your money in any one asset. BTC has virtually everything in its portfolio, so do not hesitate to take this currency, because it is the one who gave us the blockchain. Plus, quite often many altcoins depend on the value of Bitcoin. In the market we often notice the following picture: BTC goes in a particular direction, and all other cryptocurrencies follow it.

ETH should also be added to your financial portfolio. This cryptocurrency brought smart contracts to the industry, and various third-party currencies and blockchains were created based on Ethereum. It should be noted that after the announcement of the date of transition of ETH to PoS protection, the rate of this cryptocurrency greatly increased.

Many people recommend investing in Litecoin. And it is worth agreeing with them. It is quite a stable asset, based on Bitcoin, but transactions here are much faster. Also we recommend to look at Dash, it is a very old and well proven coin. Buying it, you can be sure in its stability.