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Outsourcing to the Philippines: a smart choice for bootstrapping entrepreneurs[edit]

For bootstrapping entrepreneurs, balancing the need to fulfill different roles and contain costs can be a huge relief. Whether it's customer experience (CX), HR, IT, marketing, sales, R&D, or accounting and payroll, the many business processes needed to launch and grow an organization can quickly consume even the largest financing rounds. For cost-conscious but growth-oriented founders, outsourcing Philippines is the best solution.

The most obvious benefit is the potential savings in personnel costs. From call centers to technical support and more, the Philippines has built a world-class workforce, with an average hourly rate for a premium BPO agent of $14 per hour. This compares to $28 per hour for a similar position in the U.S. A savvy entrepreneur can realize immediate savings of 50% by partnering offshore with the same types of premium providers as multinational corporations like Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Slack, and GitHub. This is something that CEOs of many large companies agree on.

And if you're not sure what service or function you need to cover, outsourcing allows business owners to test different business models before committing resources. Now consider the benefits of working with a single outside vendor rather than hiring multiple contractors nationwide or hiring full-time employees in multiple geographic areas or time zones. Having one relationship mitigates risk and ensures there is no chance of uncoordinated efforts, a common problem when working with multiple vendors.

Many companies begin to consider outsourcing as an option after they have reached a certain level of growth or to handle an overflow of work. A better model is to partner with a business outsourcing service early and hand over the specific work to a specialist. The Philippines has an impressive workforce of 1.3 million agents working in a variety of specialized roles. And these are not just entry-level positions; thousands of these support specialists receive specialized training and education in their chosen field, be it IT, accounting, digital marketing, or research and development.