About this site

Saluton Mondo! That means "Hello, World!" in Esperanto.

Welcome to Davey Dreamnation, the home page of David Prater, an Australasian-born writer, editor and researcher.

D/DN is a compilation of content originally posted to several separate websites, the earliest of which was set up in 2000.

Site nameYears of operationSite addressStatusComments
davey d/dn2000–2005http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/~davidprater/ArchivedMy first home page. Built using HTML and Blogger.
davey dreamnation2003http://daveydreamnation.comArchivedThe initial .com experiment. Built using Movable Type. Domain expired after one year.
[unnamed]2004–2006http://daveydreamnation.comDomain purchased by cyberporn squatter. Do not visit the Wayback Archive pages from these years.
David Prater2003–2007http://www.davidprater.blogspot.comOnline (Inactive)My personal Blogger site.
Davey Dreamnation2005–2006http://www.daveydreamnation.blogspot.comOnline (Inactive)A clearing house for DNRC Records releases.
Imaginary Cities/PC Bangs2005http://www.pcbangs.blogspot.comOnline (Inactive)Blog maintained during my Asialink residency in Seoul.
d/dn2007–presenthttps://daveydreamnation.comOnlineDomain repurchased. Davey’s current home. Built using WordPress.

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If you’re looking for more information about Davey Dreamnation, check out the [d/dn] wiki, which is currently undergoing a rejuvenaissance.

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That means ‘Okay, thanks and bye’—but not in Esperanto.