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Okay, so this blog is not all about me. Occasionally I do write about someone else, usually in very flattering terms. I haven’t yet created a category for ‘enemies’ but don’t tempt me on that one, Brian.

International Translation Day: Saskia de Jong’s ‘pier’

In honour of St Jerome and International Translation Day, I’ve posted below my first ever translation, being a version of Saskia de Jong‘s poem ‘pier’, originally published in Dutch in her book resistent (Uitgeverij Prometheus, 2006). Yay for translators!

at ijmuiden they’ve asphalted the sea
now the sea fingers the tar
looking for itself
just like a sniffing sow smells what
formerly was a part of herself
along the sea, they’ve built upon sand,
            constructed views
and installed loudspeakers outside too
so that music drowns out the slang of the waves
it’s understood exactly where you are
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Interrogating Electronic Literature

The footage for this video was taken during the ELMCIP workshop on electronic literature and new media held in Ljubljana, Slovenia last week. The film is made up of a series of edited interviews with e-lit practitioners and academics including J. R. Carpenter, John Cayley, Maria Mencia, Scott Rettberg, Alexandra Saemmer, Roberto Simanowski and Jaka Železnikar. It was directed by Talan Memmott and also features cameos of yours truly reciting three of the shortest poems I’ve ever written. Enjoy.

Art Line comes to Karlskrona!

Art Line is an international art project running from 2011-2013, and featuring fourteen partners from five countries in the South Baltic region: Sweden, Poland, Germany, Russia and Lithuania. In October, Art Line comes to Karlskrona, with a range of events planned, including the above seminar. Check out the last name on that interesting list of speakers. W00t! I feel like an obscure chill wave band performing for the first time at Coachella. Or something.


My interview with Arjen Duinker

Well it’s taken me a little while to transcribe and format for the screen but the good news for all fans of great and moving poetry is that my interview with Arjen Duinker is now up on the Cordite site. Arjen is a very good friend and also a terrific poet, and I just hope the interview does justice to his work and to his character. Now that I’m in Seoul, one of the things I miss about the Netherlands is our regular catch-ups in Delft for jenever, beer and rants. I’m certainly looking forward to more of the same when I return. But for now, back to the writing …

Upcoming Gigs in Utrecht and Montreal!

I’m busting with excitement at the prospect of performing again. After doing just one gig in 2008 (even if it was in London, thus enabling me to tick off a rather large box on my ‘cities-to-read-poetry-in’ list) I’m hoping 2009 will be the year of the Bo Dean when it comes to readings and festivals and even a couple of those little things we speak of in the trade as ‘moments of quiet illumination’. Yep, in case you missed it the first time, I’m a private (as well as public) poet.

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Oxfam Christmas Poetry Fundraiser!

I’ll be channelling Dickens (or maybe just Bill Murray in Scrooged) on Tuesday 2 December, when I’ll be appearing at a London fundraising event described as ‘8 Poets in 80 minutes’. Of course, if this were a haiku gathering, that tag line would read something more along the lines of ’80 Poets in 8 minutes’ but enough about me.

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Wat is Burgerschap?

Check out this video, the second half of which features the K&D Den Haag Stylings appartement!! Unfortunately, BBQ and back yard not included.
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Dream Team Update 2008!

Last June I wrote about my Bloglines Dream Team, based on the number of entries posted by 18 fellow bloggers. You may recall that while I was having trouble ever logging into, let alone reading from, the Bloglines web reader, when I did finally gain access it gave me a snapshot of activity on these blogs over a defined period of time.

Well, one year later, I’ve had another look at the stats, and the individual Best and Fairest results for my dream team reveal some startling, if expected efforts from local players and (perhaps more controversially), my string of overseas imports. But now, to a more detailed examination of the season’s stats!

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We Will Disappear: the First Anniversary!

It’s a quiet kind of milestone but my book We Will Disappear was launched one year ago this weekend at the Melbourne Writers Festival. Quiet in the sense that I am about ten thousand miles from this year’s MWF, where some class acts and friends will be performing at the MWF Festival Club and elsewhere; a milestone in the sense that one year is a heck of a long time in the life of anyone and everyone, let alone a book. Anyway, just when I was beginning to think that We Will Disappear had fulfilled the prophecy of its own title and had quietly disappeared from the world of people and books, I got a message from an old friend saying:

I bought your book of poems in Brunswick Street last week. I’m really enjoying it. I like the one for the unknown waitress.

And you know, of course this made me feel a lot better. So for those who missed it, here’s “(On the Tomb of) the Unknown Waitress”. Happy birthday “We Will Disappear”!

Liner Notes Volume 3!

Yes, it’s time …

Cordite 27 Experience

After lengthy delays, Cordite 27 Experience is now ready to go, with new poetry posted daily beginning February 8 2008 – hey, that was last week! Yikes!

Join our guest editor, actor-poet sensation Terry Jaensch and share the experiences of some of Australia’s most innovative and savvy poets! With a beautiful cover image by Emilie Zoey Baker (pictured above), and a handful of poems already posted by luminaries such as Sebastian Gurciullo, John Leonard, Jane Gibian and joanne burns, there’s plenty of reasons to keep on hitting that link, till it wears out or something.

The point is that you can check back each day to read something new or else, subscribe to our RSS feed! What’s that, you ask? well, it’s simple – in fact, it’s Really Simple Syndication. Kind of like getting the news headlines on a dedicated blog page. D/DN has an RSS feed too, for those who are interested. You can find out more about RSS by reading this article.

Slow-Cooked Socks & Passionate Tongues

Well, it’s been a while between drinks for me as far as gigs are concerned but all that’s about to change with the incredibly bulk ace news that I’ll be featuring – alongside deep-fried sock dumpling expert Alicia Sometimes – at a forthcoming edition of Brunswick’s finest poetry reading, Passionate Tongues!

Or as I like to call it, Pashing Tongues.

Okay, calm down.

Join Alicia and myself on Monday 21 January at 8:30pm at the Brunswick Hotel, Sydney Rd Brunswick (corner of Weston Street) for a cross-sectional evening of spanking word rants, chiselled good-looks and clenched jaws. There will be moving tributes to llamas. There will be ALF pyjamas. There will be poems about Pizza. Alicia and myself may even read something you know. Untold!

The order for the night, as with all Pashing Tongues events, will go a little something like this: 3 or 4 open stage readers (that’s you, kids); 1st feature set (bags not me); 2nd feature set (aka yours dewly); torlet break; features again (that’s right – twice the Sometimes, triple the Clint Bo Dean!); short break/raffle; and finally the remainder of the open stage, which will hopefully finish around 11:00-11:30.

And remember, it’s bulk ace, never retail.

Freelance, never contract.

Slow-cooked, never half-cocked socks.

Poems in OCHO

untitled.jpgIt’s funny how sometimes you can feel closer to somebody you’ve never met than to people you see every day. This is the way I feel about poets with whom I have communicated via the Net and email, as well as through submission inivtations and so on. One of the poets whom I feel would be a good friend if we lived in the same city is Philadelphia-based Adam Fieled, whose prose has been feaured in Cordite and who recently invited me to submit work to a print offshoot of US webzine Mipoesias. I’m pleased to say that after sending Adam some poems, he duly got back to me to let me know he’s chosen two – ‘The Day Britney Died’ and ‘More Sun Than Clouds Sprinkles Early’ – for publication in OCHO #11, out now through Lulu.com. This is the second Lulu-printed book I’ve been in and it’s just arrived in the mail! I look forward to reading it! In the meantime, my head is spinning at the idea of Adam reading out The Day Britney Died at a reading somewhere in the USA. The fact that he also correctly identifies the poem as a Frank O’Hara pastiche/tribute/ripoff (though it wasn’t that hard, I guess), also fills me with joy. I wish I was reading poetry in the USA at the end of summer, instead of teaching poetry in Hawthorn at the end of winter. Having these poems published, however, has made me think a little more about two things. Firstly, why don’t more of us poets cover each others’ work (by which I mean use readings as chances to introduce the works of other poets by reading them aloud)? And secondly, what policy should I have with regards poems on this blog that go on to be published – should I remove them from the blog if they get accepted elsewhere on the web, and replace them with a link? Should I also change the Cordite submissions policy to specifically include (or else not include) poems already published via blogs? Too many questions, too little time.

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