Interview on Metaroar!

In a nice piece of synchronicity, UK poetry website Metaroar has posted an article (no longer online: PDF retrieved from the Wayback Machine) by Angela Meyer in which Jill Jones (who testimonialised my book), Paul Hardacre (who is publishing my book) and myself (who, ehm, wrote my book) are interviewed on the subject of our poetic practices and other burning issues including nationalism, the usefulness of poetry and so on.

From the apt imagery of a moment in time, to dark undercurrents, to an overload of mystical beauty, these three Australian poets are enjoyable and intense to read. Australia’s physical distance from the rest of the Western world can make its artists informed reflectors. It is a mish-mash of cultures, of opinions, of denials. It is still young. Mostly, modern Australian poetry recognises its roots but rejects becoming entwined with them. It wanders, delves, is frightened and influenced by a global environment.

Coincidence, or …? It’s a strange kind of article, where our responses to common questions are interspersed with examples of our work (in my case, mostly poems from Abendland). I guess what interests me the most is the differences and commonalities in our responses, although Paul does put us to shame with the breadth and detail of his answers. As it turns out, he’s a big softie:

It’s taken me close to ten years to become comfortable with the fact that my poems are, for the most part, paeans to love.

I may post some more thoughts on this soon.

O hai, you were saying?