Fnärr, fnärr

It’s been a long time since I perused the pages of Viz, that slightly juvenile and yet deeply funny British comic series complete with the usual assortment of puerile characters (including Scooter Dolphin Boy, Sid the Sexist and – perhaps more pertinently here – Finbarr Saunders and His Amazing Double Entendres). Since arriving in Karlskrona however, I’ve been playing the usual newcomer’s game of making fun of words which may be quite innocuous in Swedish but which cause an English speaker to snigger like an overgrown schoolboy. Here’s a few photos of some street signs that have made me go ‘Fnärr, fnärr’ …

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Two Signs That Speak For Themselves


A couple of weeks ago I tried to put up some pictures from my time as a Professor at Sogang University in Seoul in 2005. Unfortunately, the images seemed to slow down the loading of my whole site, and so I put the post on ice. Until now. Above, one of my Australian Culture students pretends to be Captain Cook during a video group presentation. That’s right, Captain Cook in Seoul. Below, another Australian icon, John Howard, who strangely enough was also in Seoul at the time.


Two signs that, truly, speak for themselves.