he bites into the apple eats the bruises
soft & brown like sugary endings (rayon
bites the bruises cuts them clean out &
spits the skin onto the crusty pavement
sucks the bruises (swallows them whole
into the apple of his insides & scratches
& bruises yes just there soft like blisters
just beneath the green skin (leaves like
green canadian flags covered in bruises
fresh & rotten undermined & cleaned he
ate the bruises popped nectary blisters
felt the juice of bruises coming down his
chin (drop everything pavement colours
bruises left to rot (the mapled manholes

chmod r-w-x


she changed mode from mod to journo
helsinki bound on a sleigh west of NO!
bottle-blonde furies stalking XY stage
shaken three-piece tour posters blur


lyrics in crayon lying dead in a field
frozen shut her eyebrow raised when
she plays my ipod says NO WA(VE)Y!
like sue me helsinki! (art school’s ok


showcase tiny amounts of WWII flak –
trigger spirals morph blow waves NY!
like why WAY! when you can say GO!
that’s what they call love of diagrams

And we attacked the world and it worked

two hearts rushing into the freaky world
busted compromised lonely to be pitied –
smashed our glasses & instead went blind
no way back thrashed beaten or overcome†

& so we attacked the world & it worked –
put our divisions into place & attacked
attacked their betrayals & coded silence
coded our response to meet unmet demands

why do you do what you do you dead people
& why do you bother learning to scream –
or even to fly (you know how that’s okay
but what the fuck’s your problem anyway?

two hearts thrashing at the stolen world
& so we attacked the truth & it exploded
fine by us we said here’s another radio –
scorned by some ubiquitous social scenes

driven like a bus through horizontal snow
they turned up a heater instead of an amp
& so we attacked each other & it worked –
flew into flight plans destined for death

we attacked the dead & they said nothing –
attacked attacked & thrashed against poles
tore down maps trudged through wrongs ways
now the seasons crawl like stupid traffic

& the crows find food even in plastic bags
attacked attacked (i can’t find your lips
maybe you just needed to cry rivers drains
two hearts pushing into the freaky stream –

attacked the line attacked each other till
the emptiness of forever the brittle calls
the studded avenues of mistakes brawling –
we attacked the world & it fucking worked

Delete Forever

go on uh huh hit delete nah nah
go on do it hit the button waha
hit delete hit delete make like
babyshambles pete hit yer headz
then be dead hit delete forever
pete make believe uh huh uh huh
go on & do it delete forevers &
still be clever as pete deletes
his band & his mates his arms &
go go pete girl get deleted oho
pete & i were gunna get deleted
forever! gunna die forever well
maybe pete uh huh delete i dont
really wanna know (uh huh oases
of rehab shimmer in the mists o
albion pete yeah what delete ah
what a waster pete go on hit it
delete forever pete why not who
cares uh huh can we just have a
g pete before you delete a beat
or bleat about forever pete aha
hit it pete! drive blind & then
repeat pete crossfade the snowz
pete delete forever make it hit
pete hit it pete forever delete

Split 7″

zaboravljani hitovski/ forgotten hits
obscure releases/ cocks & tits
trophy girlfriends/ love hotels
apartment farewells/ shower scenes
warren beatty/ madonna bombs
roulette tables/ passport songs
slippery marble/ jadrolinjia
sunday evenings/ predictable buskers
where are the bands?/ where are the rebels?
life’s all ordinary/ transplant palms
little venetia/ terrible pizza
another old city/ next to the new city
slime/ bikinis on extendable clotheslines
switching languages/ bisexuality
waitresses in pineapple tops/ wharves
diesel fume & gelati/ melting holidays
dirt-cheap brandy/ marko polo
get us out of here/ busting boys
coastal horrors/ marble cliffs
swere whiffs/ roman catacombs
vulgar postcards/ damp hvala
satellite air-con/ red-wine ice cubes
daily telegraph/ get me out of here
beige monotones/ misplaced arrogance
the music stopped/ the sunday shops
split 7″/ unknown bands (too bland)
ferry oils/ zigzags on the ocean