merry christmas island

who doesn't want their little bit of sun? 
   we buy the sky to sell our little pies (our 
porkies sweat & start to run (a photon
   takes thirty thousand years to reach us 
yes us! here on our little island of sky in 
   some boat (in the middle of the ocean 
having a gr8 time (wish youse were here 
   so we could tell porkies till the sun goes
down who wouldn't laugh to be a clown?
   the rain's falling down it's not your fault 
in fact it's your funeral (no: our trial! try to 
   smile for the camera, babe (it's christmas
after all (& even on this island of death we 
   can still be merry (well carn't we? 

                                                                carn't we??

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