Sich Öffnen

(open! all hours in a million states 
/ face facts we're broken / up to 
our necks in technicalities! --->
smitten! by sunny smiles & hazy 
sprays / we prayed for endings /
we prayed for endings yes & for 
gamma rays! poetry is relative! 
at least it's relatively cheap / so 
strap yourself on don't disappoint 
me when the future leaves! --->
... we'll drop a bomb upon ourselves
& rip the snails from all the shells /
i've had a vision of their truths &
now i'm drowning in 100% proof ...
(a-oooh, ooh!) (a-oooh, ooh!) --->
(overloaded! we've had too much 
& now it's time / believing bullshit /
that kind of bullshit it makes us all
second-rate! ---> (in a hole! one we 
have dug here for ourselves / it's 
time to STFU / just STFU while you 
still have the chance! (organise your 
funerals / coz nobody one else will 
really care (about the little details / 
what are your mothers doing here? 
watched you write / watched you 
fight / i'll watch youse fade away 
(a-oooh, ooh!) (a-oooh, ooh!) --->
watched you breathe / i heard you 
leave / i cried for several days (ah-
oooh, ooh!) --> now for the bridge!
(a-oooh, ooh!) ---> another bridge!
(a-oooh, ooh!) ---> (repeat: OPEN!
open for several hours & then not /
i wish you peace & / nothing spoken
nothing else left out / if you insisted!
i'd make a case for growing old / but
you're so twisted / i can't be arsed &
so - auf wiedersehen! (a-oooh, ooh!) 
---> (a-oooh, ooh!) ---> (a-oooh --->
ooh!) ---> (a-oooh, ooh!) ---> & you 
fade (a-oooh, ooh!) ---> & fade & --->
fade away (a-oooh, ooh!) ------->

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