our atoms move deeper into the nuclear cycle
building machines to dispense between cracks
radioactive like that northern summer’s milk
leap from a guard rail with leg rope attached


mike oldfield in orbit around some ragged sun
i read rilke as we fell towards the waiting vans
electric shock as people have sex to our album
hunting for the frozen deer aka kaleidoscopics


inside the chaos of that frantic gig we plucked
up courage we spread out our shivering arms
extending our antennae as we hit the freezing


eclipsed by roars of album traffic morse code
what could it possibly mean forever repeated
looking for the same elastics kindling in earth

Ik Mis Je

ik ben alleen maar wij zijn samen –
samen in de dromen en in de dag
ik mis je en ik wil je mijn sperzie (
in de avond en wanneer ik slapen

ik mis je nu omdat ik ben alleen
maar wij zijn samen en dit is genoeg
met jouwe knuffelen en kus (samen
alle dag elke dag ook elke nacht

als ik slaperig ben in het hoofd en
jou bent laat op tijd (dan zal onze
harten in het overzees zwem en in
de dromen als wij niet genoeg water

heben dan wil ik meer van de liefde
rivier maken ( – of is dit niet genoeg?


in my dreams do dogs attack! us in jumpsuits
& next to me does belle epoch whistle murder
while the big st. bernard’s letter to the string
epistles brings on a sigh like hey babe take itno one’s here & the chorus will envelop us our
dovetail’s merely flicker’d like an ark autopsy
we were raised on ten commandments attack!
i’ve sussed out all the angles coronary gristles

seaside rendezvous a foggy beginning & some
march of the pa-ra-pa-pum pum drummers
(bless my penguin halos & commence attack!
oh all right then stop me from making sense

wedged between flak & a mealy promontory
slack? who’s that (isle of romance or of death

Ninety Nine Rabbits

This is getting serious. I’ve just got to see you live.
Ninety nine rabbits with big fangs can’t be wrong.
I’m stuck in a lower east side case machine looking
cool, if not cold. Let’s not get old, forever moulded.

I like John Ashbery’s fingernails. He did look good
in that lecture theatre, as the early 1990s whirled.
Flow Chart was my mind’s magnet. When I heard
Slanted and Enchanted I threw up. The other day

I found the page from Jaws that Gary Young tore
out for me, at Max’s in Petersham. Somebody said
SM read(s) Ashbery. If you listen to his lyrics you
can hear, or read, why. Outside the Poetry Project

someone was playing a saxophone. I searched for
Pynchon’s voices but only found SY (on Murray St.

When The Change Comes

i’m not sure why your windows are all shut
said a man with a beer gut & tan don’t you
know that the change’s coming sooner than
you think (but we all shook our heads had
some more to drink (it dulled that impulse
to get political (switch off the interpol man!
when the change comes it’s going to flatten
the pane trigger dissolutions & cause storm
water drains to overflow (i said clancy stop
complaining o he had a hornet in his bonnet
damned expensive it was to remove a bang
or a buck or a vote or a bigot or a luvvie ha
from where i’m standing it looks quite grim
pray for a change & then learn how to swim