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We Will Disappear – the Testimonial!

In all the excitement of preparing myself mentally, physically and spiritually for the launch of We Will Disappear, I totally forgot to mention one very important piece of information – the book has now been officially testimonialised, or blurbed as we say in the industry by the very talented and wonderfully generous Jill Jones!

You hopefully already know Jill as a poet, raconteur and coolhunter but I’d recommend you check out her blog or her latest book, Broken/Open – both are marvellous, and benefit from repeated reading. So, onto the blurb. Here’s what Jill reckons:

David Prater’s We Will Disappear is a full tilt swerving syntax for a crazy world – speedy, accurate, satiric, tender, intense, visceral, engaged. It’s chocked with wake up calls and rhythms for the new century, sounds of cities, seas, planets, spinning and disappearing, and a lament for what’s passing. All along Prater pitches a dark destabilising line then subverts it with an explosion of pure lyric joy. Formally inventive whilst also dropping beats of pop media jargon and all the transitory idioms we live in, this is a new language for all tomorrow’s aching parties. Exciting, highly charged, and affecting.

Get thee to the website, wherein thou canst order the book, immediately!

And thanks again, Jill!

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