Davey Dreamnation

Seething since 2001.

Are you ready to seethe?

Bold words

Davey Dreamnation is built out of millions of words. Sure, we have images and sounds, too, but it’s mostly words. Bold words. Unusual words like ‘seething’. Go on, say it: seething.


Whoever you are, however you got here, wherever you plan to go next, we’ve got a meaning for you. Just click on a link, relax and let it all flow. Still here? Hey, why not seethe a little?


SEO is sooo yesterday. Most CSS is temporary. But stylez is semi-permanent. Makes sense, right? No? Srly? Well then, perhaps you shouldn’t be here after all. Kfxbai.

Can you handle this?

That was nothing.

Just one example of the kind of stylez you can expect to see on a pretty regular basis if you hang around here long enough.

Here’s some more facts.


Technically speaking, there’s an infinite amount of contentz here. Don’t go away, just load another post. Or fifty. You can’t lose. No wonder the competition’s seething.


There’s nothing mesa about DDN—it’s meta all the way down, gurl. From category descriptions to comment counts to dates, we’ve got all the details on everything. All of the time.


Davey Dreamnation also includes a support group for unreconstructed widgets, a social club for icons, several sticky situations, a lightweight fanbase, and much (much) more.

It’s never too late to leave.

But seeing as you’ve got this far, here’s a couple three chunks of pure and unadulterated untold for your finger-clicking pleasure.

Camp Davey

From the trademarked Lemonade Waterfall to the bespoke accommodation—it’s all here.

New writing

Okay, not always new. But probably the best.

The DNRC Records

Release. Delete. Repeat.
It’s that simple.

Imaginary Cities

Where the fun just never seems to end.


The engine room of the Dreamnation.

Davey Dreamnation is completely free to read. It’s also available on the Worldwide Web.

For now, at least.

Tell everybody you know!

Srly, this is the most amazink home page I have evah seen:

Looking for something bulk ace and fully untold? Look no further:

I’m seething. Repeat: *seething*:

Can I help you with sumfink?

David Prater is an Australian-born freelance writer and text editor now living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Davey Dreamnation—the website—appeared in 2002 at the height of the Blogger era and has since been through many reincarnations.

Now living ‘in the third person’, Davey Dreamnation is/was a musician, pirate and record-label owner.

About the author

Davey Dreamnation (1972–?) is an Australalian musician, vocalist, pirate and record-label owner who now lives 'in the third person'.

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