Poems in journals

My first published poem was entitled ‘Mother Russia’, which appeared in a short-lived journal called Typecast that was being run, it seemed, from the premises of the Reasonably Good Cafe in Chippendale, Sydney, in 1991. Since then, my poems have appeared in a wide variety of print and online journals, both in Australia and internationally. Some of the links on this page go to archived versions of online journals that are no longer live.

‘drift: a way’, Continent, vol. 3, no. 2 (2013), <http://continentcontinent.cc/index.php/continent/article/view/145>.

‘i remember jeju-do’, Peril, no. 14 (2012), <http://peril.com.au/back-editions/edition14/i-remember-%EC%A0%9C%EC%A3%BC%EB%8F%84/>.

‘Clouds Afternoon Jazz Sprinkles’, Red Room Company, ‘The Disappearing’ Project (2012), <http://redroomcompany.org/poem/david-prater/clouds-afternoon-jazz-sprinkles/>.*

‘Wireless’, Overland, no. 207 (2012).

‘neenish tart’, Booranga Writers Centre (Wagga Wagga) Bus Shelter Poetry Project (2012), republished in FourW, no. 24 (2013).

‘Algae’, ‘TL;DR’, ‘Övergången’, ‘Sunshine for Kim Dae-jung’, Jacket 2 (USA) (2012), <http://jacket2.org/poems/poems-david-prater>.

‘Т’га за југ’, Shipwrights Review (Sweden), no. 2 (2012), <http://www.shipwrightsreview.com/tra/>.

(On the tomb of) José Sara­m­ago, Laven­der Room Zine, (2011).

‘Predacity’, FourW, no. 22 (2011).

‘Ozko (Envoi)’, Cordite Poetry Review, no. 35.2 (2011), <http://cordite.org.au/essays/ozko-envoi/>.

‘Oz–Ko’, Cordite Poetry Review, no. 35.1 (2011), <http://cordite.org.au/poetry/ozko-hoju-hanguk/oz-ko/>.

‘Cute’, ‘Rivet’, ‘Swagman Ted’, Blackbox/Manifold (UK), no. 6 (2011), <http://www.manifold.group.shef.ac.uk/issue6/DavidPrater6.html>.

‘Lurker’, The Sun Herald (Sydney), 4 Dec. 2010.

‘dress young’, Page 17, no. 8 (2010).

‘That’s Buddha’ (live in Montreal), Going Down Swinging, no. 30 (2010).

‘Storm Girl’, ‘Merry Weather’, Kurungabaa, vol. 2, no. 2 (2010).

‘(On the Tomb of) Yun Hye-yong’, Ekleksographia, no. 2 (2010).

‘Gang Languid’, ‘Algae’, Southerly, vol. 69, no. 3 (2010).

‘Dawnward’, ‘Oz’, ‘The Campfires of the Lost’, Jacket, no. 39 (2010), <http://jacketmagazine.com/39/ra-prater.shtml>.

‘Turtles for Myron Lysenko’, Victorian Writer, Mar. 2010.

‘Anti-Kraak’, FourW, no. 20 (2009).

‘Poet Momentous!’, Blast: Poetry and Critical Writing, no. 9 (2009).

‘‘The Germ! The Germ!’, YB (USA), no. 2 (2009), <http://ybjournal.blogspot.com.au/2009/11/david-prater.html>.

‘O’, ‘Words from the Master’, ‘The first letter’, ‘I was the abortion’, Stop, Drop and Roll, no. 1 (2009).

‘CHMOD RXW’, ‘B.A.S.E.’, ‘She’s An Autarky’, foam:e, no. 6 (2009), <http://www.foame.org/Issue6/poems/prater.html>.

‘Bushpo’, ‘B’rel’n’, Cordite Poetry Review, no. 29 (2008), <http://cordite.org.au/poetry/pastoral/bushpo/>.

‘Great Big Star’, FourW, no. 19 (2008).

‘Sunbathing’, Overland, no. 193 (2008).

‘A821.4’, PFS Post (USA), Dec. 2008, <http://artrecess.blogspot.com.au/2008/12/david-prater-netherlandsaustralia-a8214.html>.

‘O’Dowd Seeks Whitman’, Going Down Swinging, no. 27 (2008).

‘Rain Loop’, Meanjin, vol. 67, no. 3 (2008).

‘Kerry’, Famous Reporter, no. 37 (2008).

‘Nieuw Holland’, Island, no. 113 (2008).

‘De Kraai en het Paard’, Going Down Swinging, no. 25 (2008).

‘Yer Morningness’, The Age, 9 Feb. 2008.

‘imaginary cities: capa’, Southerly, vol. 67, no. 3 (2007).

‘small town fsu’, ‘exhale on main street’, ‘alles klaar?’, The Otolith, Feb. 2007, <http://the-otolith.blogspot.com.au/2007/01/david-prater-small-town-fsu-rocking-my.html>.

‘Snowy’, Snorkel, no. 6 (2007), <http://www.snorkel.org.au/006/prater.html>.

‘new space seasons’, Four W, no. 18 (2007).

‘travelling types’, Overland, no. 193 (2007).

‘The Day Britney Died’, ‘More sun than clouds sprinkles early’, OCHO (USA) (2007).

‘Betty Conquers All’, hutt, vol. 2, no. 5 (2007), <http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/37709/20070628-0004/www.papertigermedia.com/hutt/hutt2_5/prater.html>.

‘Walt Whitman Service Area’, The Age, 20 Jan. 2007.

‘Exes & Zeroes’, Cordite Poetry Review, no. 25 (2006), <http://cordite.org.au/poetry/generation-of-zeroes/david-prater-exes-zeroes/>.

‘The Two Faces of Zlatyu Boyadziev’, ‘18 Fields’, ‘Abstract Moon’, Mirage #4/Period[ical] (USA), Sep. 2006.

‘Insurgency’, Eyewear (UK), Aug. 2006, <http://toddswift.blogspot.com/2006/08/poem-by-david-prater.html>.

‘Hoju Bihang-gi’, ‘imaginary cities: saga’, Peril, no. 2 (2006), <http://www.peril.com.au/edition2/hoju-bihang-gi>.

‘Karin Revisited’, The Red Room Company, ‘Poetry Picture Show’ Project (2006), <http://redroomcompany.org/poem/david-prater/karin-revisited/>.

‘The Boys Who’ (audio), Going Down Swinging, no. 23 (2006).

‘1001 Nights’, Overland, no. 183 (2006).

‘50’, Going Down Swinging, no. 23 (2006).

‘imaginary cities: heli’, Stylus, no. 22 (2006).

‘Back To the Tourist III’, ‘imaginary cities: coni’, ‘imaginary cities: cubi’, Softblow (Singapore), 2006, <http://www.softblow.org/prater.html>.

‘imaginary cities: dupli’, Snorkel, no. 3 (2006), <http://snorkel.org.au/003/prater.html>.

‘Machines for Living In’, hutt, vol. 2, no. 3 (2006), <http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/37709/20070628-0004/www.papertigermedia.com/hutt/hutt2_3/prater.html>.

‘Maz’, ‘Three Generations’, Luzmag (Spain), Mar. 2006, <http://luzmag.blogspot.com/2006/03/two-poems-by-david-prater-maz-have-you.html>.

‘Exes & Zeroes’, ‘Oh God!’, PFS Post (USA), Mar. 2006, <http://artrecess.blogspot.com/2006/03/david-prater-australia-two-poems.html>.

‘Kerze 1’, ‘Kerze 2’, ‘Kerze 3’, foam:e, no. 3 ( 2006), <http://www.foame.org/Issue3/poems/prater.html>.

‘The Boys Who’ (audio), Going Down Swinging, no. 22 (2005).

‘Durer: Innsbruck’, Cordite Poetry Review, no. 23 (2005), <http://cordite.org.au/poetry/children-of-malley/abby-s-malley-durer-innsbruck-2005/>.

‘City Slacker’, Overland, no. 181 (2005).

‘Dying On The Vine(s)’, ‘Eight Miles High’, P.F.S. Post (USA), Oct. 2005, <http://artrecess.blogspot.com/2005/10/david-prater-two-poems.html>.

‘in heaven it’s always raining’, ‘why do you cry run lola run’, ‘when we were in the wild poems’, nthposition (UK), July 2005, <http://nthposition.com/inheavenitsalways.php>.

‘funeral for democracy’, The Age, 20 Aug. 2005.

‘There’s a Wild Jack Russell in the Moon’, Famous Reporter, no. 31 (2005).

‘Dead Poem Office’, Cordite Poetry Review, no. 22 (2005), <http://cordite.org.au/poetry/editorial-intervention/dead-poem-office/>.

‘Tribesco Krowe’, ‘Haiku [enjambement]’, ‘Impossible Socks’, Snorkel, no. 1 (2005), <http://snorkel.org.au/001/prater.html>.

‘Kyoto Crow(s)’, ‘Tonkatsu Zen!’, nthposition (UK), Aug. 2004, <http://www.nthposition.com/kyotocrowsamptonkatsu.php>.

‘Spring*’, ‘Empires Between’, ‘Bustling’, Southerly, vol. 64, no. 2 (2004).

‘On the Tomb of Victor Bruce (for Bruce Beaver)’, Red Room Commission (2004).

‘Her Royal Majesty The Queen’, ‘America’, Gutcult (USA), July 2004, <http://www.gutcult.com/litjourn4/html/prater1.html>.

‘She Finds Her Speed’, The Age, 1 May 2004.

‘Thomas Pynchon & The Art Of Anonymity Maintenance’, Meanjin,
vol. 63, no. 1 (2004).

‘We Miss You!’, ‘Madchester’, Big Bridge (USA), no. 9 (2004), <http://www.bigbridge.org/issue9/ozprater.htm>.

‘Paladin’, Vibewire, Jan. 2004, <http://web.archive.org/web/20050224204938/www.vibewire.net/articles.php?id=2359>.

‘Tor’, ‘Ode’, ‘Ich bin ein Tourist’, ‘Fassbar’, Gangway (Austria/ Australia), no. 29 (2003), <http://www.gangway.net/29/gangway29.4.html>.

‘Dexedrine Bombs’, ‘Cities of Pau’, Going Down Swinging, no. 21 (2003).

‘Northern Rivers Pastoral’, Pelt, no. 9 (2003).

‘entgegengesetz’, hutt, vol. 1, no. 3 (2003), <http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/37709/20070628-0004/www.papertigermedia.com/hutt/hutt03/prater.html>.

‘lovers/lateness’, hutt, vol. 1, no. 2 (2003), <http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/37709/20070628-0004/www.papertigermedia.com/hutt/hutt02/prater.html>.

‘We Will Disappear’, ‘Silver Rocket’, ‘Flat Out on a Highway Lined With Dim Stars’, Slope (USA), no. 17 (2003), <http://www.slope.org/archive/issue17/poems17prater.html>.

‘In a Dim Sea Nation’, Papertiger (CD-ROM), no. 2 (2002).

‘Theme Song’, ‘Ma Sonic’, ‘In a Previous Carnation’, ‘The Rise and Fall of Davey Dreamnation’, Just Another Art Movement (NZ), no. 17 (2002).

‘Humility Publishing’, Shampoo Poetry (USA), no. 11 (2002), <http://www.shampoopoetry.com/ShampooEleven/prater.html>.

‘Space Age Riot’, ‘The Sprawl’, Divan, no. 3 (2001).

‘Mr Tui’, ‘Chakraw Monkey’, ‘The Chao Le’, Slope (USA), no. 9 (2001), <http://www.slope.org/archive/nine/prater.html>.

‘The Night I Met Beck’, Going Down Swinging, no. 19 (2001).

‘Ken’, Cordite Poetry Review, no. 6–7 (2000), <http://cordite.org.au/poetry/new-poetry/david-prater-ken/>.

‘Cars (for Bruce Beaver)’, Jacket, no. 8 (1999), <http://www.jacketmagazine.com/08/prater-poem.html>.

‘Xanana’s Dog’, Cordite Poetry Review, no. 5 (1998), <http://cordite.org.au/poetry/unthemed5/xananas-dog/>.

‘Kate’s Photograph’, Voiceworks, no. 46 (1996).

‘Mother Russia’, Typecast, no. 2 (1991).