All we hear is Radio TINA

Simply The Best, ‘s’all I wanna say. The woman is a genius, having recently sang for Oprah’s 50th birthday, which would have been like de ja vu for Tina, having turned 50 herself only twenty years ago. Last week I channelled Tina’s spirit at a karaoke bar in Sydney by singing my all time favourite Tina tune, “Private Dancer”. The lyrics to that song, they are so scathing, so real. What a life Tina has had. She’s survived Ike, Mad Max 3, Rugby League (perhaps the last time a woman involved with the NRL escaped unmolested) and more haircuts than I’ve had private dances. Sure, “We Don’t Need Another Hero” has a few good moments, including that sax solo, but it’s not a patch on PD. Yarn and Sarah both reckon, though, and this is my final word on the subject, that “Simply The Best” would be the perfect wedding song. The sax solo is, imho, superior to WDNAH. So SOTAR.

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