zaboravljani hitovski/ forgotten hits
obscure releases/ cocks & tits
trophy girlfriends/ love hotels
apartment farewells/ shower scenes
warren beatty/ madonna bombs
roulette tables/ passport songs
slippery marble/ jadrolinjia
sunday evenings/ predictable buskers
where are the bands?/ where are the rebels?
life’s all ordinary/ transplant palms
little venetia/ terrible pizza
another old city/ next to the new city
slime/ bikinis on extendable clotheslines
switching languages/ bisexuality
waitresses in pineapple tops/ wharves
diesel fume & gelati/ melting holidays
dirt-cheap brandy/ marko polo
get us out of here/ busting boys
coastal horrors/ marble cliffs
swere whiffs/ roman catacombs
vulgar postcards/ damp hvala
satellite air-con/ red-wine ice cubes
daily telegraph/ get me out of here
beige monotones/ misplaced arrogance
the music stopped/ the sunday shops
split 7″/ unknown bands (too bland)
ferry oils/ zigzags on the ocean

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