Camp Davey

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Camp Davey is a multi-purpose headquarters and nerve centre set up by Davey Dreamnation and now maintained by Stung. It was originally located in the Goulburn River Valley but was painstakingly deconstructed and then moved to its present location in Tribesco in 2002.

In its initial form, Camp Davey covered an astonishing 250 acres, and featured a massive bar, several accommodation areas, and the infamous Lemonade Waterfall.

Camp Davey has, at various points in the lunar cycle, played host to an assortment of minor luminaries, including Christie Burr, Mead and Scaramouche.

At present the Dreamnation Appropriate Tourism Commission is evaluating various merchandising, eco-tourism and hostel options for the eventual renovation of the Camp Davey compound. Until the Commission hands down its report (expected in 2053), Camp Davey will be closed to visitors.