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DNRC Records was a Tribesco-based recording label founded, administered and later abandoned by Davey Dreamnation. The acronym DNRC stands for Davey's New Record Company, meaning that the full official title of the label is actually Davey's New Record Company Records.


Davey Dreamnation's debut album Islands In the Stream of Consciousness was released online in 2002. Although the album's arrival met with little fanfare at the time, Dreamnation's subsequent musical efforts were so seething that the United Nations was forced to enter into treaty negotiations with him.

The end of the negotiations coincided with the proclamation of UN General Assembly Resolution DDN01, which stipulated that Dreamnation was free to release his own music, on the condition that he did so under the DNRC Records moniker, and that he instantly deleted each catalogue number on the moment of its release.


A total of over 100 DNRC Records releases/deletions have now been identified, from artists including Dreamnation himself, his former band The Spirit Levels, Mead, Eyna, Christy Burr, Stung, Clint Bo Dean, Scaramouche and many others.

Due to administrative errors many of Davey Dreamnation's singles were never assigned a catalogue number. The following chronological list should be considered as being definitive.

Cat. No. Title Artist Format Release/deletion date Notes
DNRC01 'Wood Chipmunk' The Spirit Levels 7" single 9 April 2002
DNRC02 'Desperanto Sea Levels' The Sprite Levels 7" single 10 April 2002
DNRC03 'Hot Soup Girl' Davey Dreamnation 7" single 15 April 2002 B-side 'Davium' released on 14 May 2002.
DNRC04 'Theme Song' Davey Dreamnation 7" single 20 May 2002 B-side 'Friday Nation' released simultaneously.
DNRC05 'The Sprawl' Davey Dreamnation 7" single 31 May 2002 Released as a b-side for 'Last Night Betty', an unreleased single.
DNRC06 'Pixellate a Mouse' Davey Dreamnation 7" single 6 June 2002
DNRC07 Live At Budokan Davey Dreamnation LP 11 June 2002
DNRC08 'Scaramouche’s Theme' Scaramouche 7" single 18 June 2002
DNRC09 'Loveless' Davey Dreamnation 7" single 22 June 2002 B-side 'In a Previous Carnation' released 23 July 2002.
DNRC10 'Dim Stars' Davey Dreamnation 7" single 13 July 2002
DNRC11 'Guns of Davey' Davey Dreamnation 7" single 12 August 2002
DNRC12 Islands In the Stream of Consciousness Davey Dreamnation LP 23 August 2002
'Islands In the Stream of Consciousness' Davey Dreamnation 7" single 29 August 2002
DNRC13 Intake Davey Dreamnation EP 13 September 2003
'Departures' b/w 'Nicotine Angst' Davey Dreamnation Split 7" 13 September 2003
DNRC17 Maple Lanes Maple Lanes LP 1 November 2003 Release date erroneously recorded as 2005 in earlier catalogue records.
'MLF' Maple Lanes 7" single 1 November 2003 Attributed to Davey Dreamnation in extant metadata.
'Dim Stars 2' Davey Dreamnation 7" single Unknown, probably 2003
'Boost Bass, Free Quincey' Davey Dreamnation 7" single Unknown, probably 2003
DNRC35 Recognition of Prior Learning Davey Dreamnation LP 29 April 2004 Release date erroneously recorded as 2005 in earlier catalogue records.
Tribesco Davey Dreamnation EP 9 September 2004
'48 Bars' b/w 'Tribesco' Davey Dreamnation Split 7" 13 September 2004
DNRC14 'Extra Hair' Cruns 7" single 29 April 2005
DNRC15 Time, Gentlemen Sluice LP 29 April 2005
DNRC16 93602 Teh LP 29 April 2005
DNRC18 Dream of the Blue Pipe Cleaners Stung LP 30 April 2005
DNRC19 Trawler Girt by Sea EP 2 May 2005
DNRC20 'Ah, the Mighty Fuzz Charge!' Fuzz Charge 7" single 2 May 2005