Cordite #22: Editorial Intervention

As the title suggests, Cordite 22: Editorial Intervention was devoted to editors. I solicited poetry and other works from over 20 Australian and international poetry editors.

Cordite #22 is now online, featuring poems by poetry editors past and present, including Adrian Wiggins, Ali Alizadeh, alicia sometimes, Alison Croggan, Ban’ya Natsuishi and many more!

I’ve even snuck in one of my own poems, to celebrate the thankless editorial tasks I submit myself to.

Plus, an interview with editor of Jacket, John Tranter and a whole stack of other features. Get thee to the index page today!

In other news, submissions are now open for Cordite #23 – Children of Malley. Submissions will remain open until October 2005. Check the submissions page for details.

Cover image by alicia sometimes.

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