DNRC073 | EP | 2010 | DELETED

And well may we ask. What’s the point of classifying “share-house” as a musical genre? And who bothered to buy milk this morning? Not us, and not The Point Breaks, it seems. Formed from the detritus of The Points, a sand-case trio with a penchant for EMO who disbanded after their lead singer was caught sniffing pencil leads, The Point Breaks really state the obvious on the opening and title track on this treacly and appalling release, whining: “What’s the point of Point Break?” But that’s not really the point either. The point is not what’s the point but where. Where was Point Break actually filmed? If not at the infamous Bell’s Beach in Victoria, Australia (as maintained by Patrick Swayze and Keanu “Whoa” Reeves in the film itself), then where? And if not somewhere else in Australia then how did the producers of the film manage to locate an authentic Victorian paddy wagon (or police vehicle) for use during the film’s closing sequence? The Point Breaks fail miserably in their attempts to answer these and otehr burning questions on this flimsy train-wreck of an E.P., prompting one reviewer to question the wisdom of leaving the record button on, even for these four miniature-length songs. “”What’s the Point?” How the freak should I know? And who cares anyway?” seethed a suitably appliqued Clint Bo Dean upon hearing the E.P. for the first time. “Geez,” he was later heard to mutter, after hearing it for a second time, “I wish I could get away with something as hideous as that.” “Oh, I see, yes, you’re right – I already did,” the pathetic crooner was then forced to admit, after being shown a copy of his own DNRC debut, Never Go Ashtray. And the similarities don’t end there, with both releases having been unceremoniously deleted just miliseconds before their sad and irrelevant cover artwork was banned by several record retailers, due to unspecified political inferences. And that, we guess, is precisely the point – (them’s the) breaks.

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