Invisible Moon

there has to be an invisible moon
over on the other side of the sun
gravitationally drawing me to you
how else can i explain these forces
lifting me out of my dreams to float

like a silver balloon out our window
behind the dunes & under the beach
beneath the pavement & the rocks 
in my head & the stars full of music
i am its puppet now floating in space

its honey power rising in my veins
because each night i lie beside you
we’re walking on some other moon
neither of us knows its secret name 
it simply rotates at the same speed 

at which it revolves on a toothpick
tempting me to open up the window
to leave the curtains wide open
the doors unlocked & the radio on
playing ‘Hey Moon’ over and over 

until it’s as if we know each note
a starfield swirling slowly into zero
already full draped in white shadow
guiding us through the afternoon
my lips mouthing a weird loon-song

on some high cliff north of sound
otherwise what’s making me blink
speak to us in jazz notes only moon
without twilight we’d see no light
without the moon surfers would just 

be dudes with beards going ‘wow, man’
and here it comes: this pure wave 
that dares to engulf me breathing
solid & yet empty at the same time
so glassy & perfect is this cylinder

what a perfect moon that made it!
how else am i to explain the paths
that burn fluorescence as we walk
hey moon, i’m wearing sunglasses
but i can still feel you, feel me

come take a walk on the moon babe
& let’s make ours an incredible one
this thump-thump? our tiny hearts
you feel that moon? we feel you too 
rising like a science-fiction version 

of ourselves over the horizon wow
pulling us in with its silver strings
i can hear it calling out to me o hai
as a radio wave across the universe
about to rise ... about to set over us

our hearts about to go boom boom ...
i can see it shining through your eyes
we’ll walk in slow-motion on stardust
tuck a moon-beam behind your ear
& everything else will just disappear

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