Ninety Nine Rabbits

This is getting serious. I've just got to see you live.
Ninety nine rabbits with big fangs can't be wrong.
I'm stuck in a lower east side case machine looking
cool, if not cold. Let's not get old, forever moulded.
I like John Ashbery's fingernails. He did look good
in that lecture theatre, as the early 1990s whirled.
Flow Chart was my mind's magnet. When I heard
Slanted and Enchanted I threw up. The other day

I found the page from Jaws that Gary Young tore
out for me, at Max's in Petersham. Somebody said
SM read(s) Ashbery. If you listen to his lyrics you
can hear, or read, why. Outside the Poetry Project

someone was playing a saxophone. I searched for
Pynchon's voices but only found SY (on Murray St.


  1. ‘somebody said SM read(s) Ashbery’ – ws that ms. a hedigan? thanks for the impetus to dig up her review of SM’s first solo on cordite’s archives. always nice to be reminded how amazingly smart my wife is.

  2. Well, not to be picky but the reference to Ashbery was in the intro to the review, and it was something I had read about somewhere else (there’s plenty of references to it online) and that Anna and I discussed during the editing of the piece (IIRC) – but yes, she’s a genius and it’s a great review (oh and Malkmus fans can read it here).

  3. actually i went home and chatted to the lady in question and she said that ’twas you, dear sir, who made the malkberry connection. so kudos where it’s due.

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