How the cold, dead moon stayed magnetic

just how did the moon stay magnetic? 
answer: something to do with the sea
or the way the dolphin cow calls to
her calf: a little click - there, maybe
a whistle, every second or so, then 
a brief empty eternal moment before
she echolocates that tiny response - 
whether far away or close - just as
long as it comes, once a second or so
like the blinking eye of a lighthouse
signalling rocks, signalling a breath
that's not empty, that's never still,
a beat sharp as a daydream or smoke
on the horizon (that signals a passing
cruise liner, the rush to ignite bonfires,
defeat the marauding shark that never
sleeps, not like the cold, dead moon
that's nevertheless magnetic, tiny death
washed up on some faraway beach where 
lovers walk in the moonlight, kicking 
sand with perfectly painted toenails,
rolling like a post-magnetic wave furls
forever against the reef, dolphin calf
nudged with a pectoral fin, the burst!
like a bullet through the salty water's
medium, the rush of blood through blue
veins (the moon calling endlessly to her
lover, her mother, forever in captivity
breaching now like a song in still air

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