(On the Tomb of) Noah Ray

when REM recruited you 
to be in "it's the end of the world ..."

did they stop to think 
what effect that might have had on you

stop to think about 
high school pressure or petty jealousy

the ostracisation
of so-called high achievers by dimwits

with no future or hope
& no sense of solidarity or generosity

dead-legs at assembly
the casual punch in the face at recess

& always with the names
a stream of names like bubbler water 

or vitamin-yellow piss 
aimed in your direction hourly, daily?

& yet i like the fact 
that you've now formed your own band

possibly a metal band
& probably sans a recording contract;

it's the ultimate FU:
to use the music as yr only comeback 

& drown their brains 
in pools of simple georgian feedback

Express yourself