Abendland (2012)*

Abendland first appeared in 2006, and contains twenty-one poems written while travelling through North America and Europe in 2005.

The front cover of Abendland (2012).

The poems in Abendland were written between July and August 2005. The text of this second edition was reformatted and revised.

‘Walt Whitman Service Area’ was first published in The Age. ‘18 Fields’ and ‘The Two Faces of Zlatyu Boyadziev’ were first published in Mirage #4/Period[ical]. ‘Dürer: Innsbruck 2005’ first appeared in Cordite Poetry Review.

Thank you Katie, Liam, Keiji and Andrea.

Cover image: ‘Zmajski most, Ljubljana’ (2005), by the author.


TitleAbendland: Twenty-one poems
AuthorDavid Prater
EditionSecond edition
FormatA5 chapbook (digital)
Publication date2012
PublisherStippen Press (Stockholm, Sweden)
Extent28 pp.
FileDownload (PDF)

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