Yea, Finery

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The cover artwork for Yea, Finery (2003), the debut album by 'medieval superstar' Mead (source unknown).

Yea, Finery is a 2003 album by Mead, which was released on the DNRC Records label with the catalogue number DNRC032. It features six tracks, and was accompanied by a bonus disc containing seven of Mead's early instrumental workouts, which he first made available via demo cassette.

The album is probably best known for its final track, 'Middle Aegis I-IV'. Teaming up with The Voodoo Chiles, a group of Chilean musicians with whom he once competed in the Bourke Street Mall, Mead reportedly 'pulled out all the stops on this jaw-dropper of a track, effortlessly melding mischievous pan pipes, fickle Drkstixb, simpering word play and tetanus-tinged harpsichord to produce an unspeakably dervish-laden ring of fire that was initially deemed unreleasable due to its sheer majesty and technical complexity'.

While bootleg copies of the album may still be purchased in the usual places, the original recording was deleted mere moments after it was 'released', in accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution DDN01 relating to DNRC Records and its public activities.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Pus 1
  2. While My Drkstixb Gently Weeps
  3. (Bourke) Street Fighting Years
  4. Elysium
  5. Mead's Theme
  6. Middle Aegis I-IV

Bonus disc:

  1. Instrumental 1
  2. Instrumental 2
  3. Instrumental 3
  4. Instrumental 4
  5. Instrumental 5
  6. Instrumental 6
  7. Instrumental 7