The latest song of the week from Parry Gripp 
is a cheerful tribute to that baby monkey riding 
the mini pig ... Our facility is USDA and FWC 
licensed and has over 20 years of experience. 
We are a wonderful facility, torturing the baby 
monkey and baby pig and laughing about it. The 
monkey clings to the pig because it has been 
separated from its mother and ... the Internet. 
Visit for more on the Baby Monkey. 
Wikipedia  is a 2004 electronica music album by 
the musician Moby, released under his pseudonym 
"Voodoo Child." According to the album's liner 
notes ... Why have I made this record? Well, see, 
there was this night in Glasgow in December of 
2002 ... It was the last night of the European tour 
for Where is Baby Monkey? Where is Baby Monkey? 
Is he in the kitchen? (Is he in the kitchen?). Teach 
CD7's "Where is Baby Monkey?" song (and also make 
sure you've done CD2's 15 Adorable Baby Monkey 
Portraits. The monkey is the most loved animal in 
the world because they are hard to get 

                               and they act just like a baby. 

The Origins of the International Search Poetry Movement

Today I received an email from a fellow poet who was involved in Cordite’s Search Poem issue asking me about the methodology we employed in the exercise.

For those with long memories, the Search issue came out in January 2004, however the experiment itself was originally enacted on the Poetry Espresso mailing list as part of its poem of the day series back in 2002.

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flat out on a highway lined with dim stars


dim walkable shady streets lined with visiting movie stars
we decided to check out that highway beyond charlton flat

an apartment house for dim birds dart in and out bright-eyed
blue-lined flowers shine tiny stars in their new star patterns

in 2002 when i saw a dim flat i left highway 16 heading out
i got out and stood out with all of these stars & told her flat

flat out on the side of the highway my wacky lights went dim
i didn’t feel like hanging out anyway i had another job lined up

the stars disappeared like a picture of a highway flowing on
her eyeliner then with the breath he let out his dim headlights

barely illuminated they are dim he bee-lined it straight up
road barriers on the highway the flats just looked like stars

I could not make it the sky that hosted thousands of stars
both bright & dim well-equipped keeping its body pressed flat

on the sector of highway stands out a small, flat dim interior
pushing along we are a non-profit organization based on snow

globes of stars the highway noise is awful she says, “dim your
lights” the camping area to our left the flat the main street lined

the sky is filled with stars between forest belts, small, flat sky
loaded with stars i can back out and motor home in dim sections

sections of the highway pot holed lined earth, adult-huge
i remember chill, and the stars sidewalks, tucked in fur-lined

my roommate saw three stars dim, followed by another dim star
moving slowly out on john fitch highway away to form the stars

light to illuminate the dim each time i drag out what i believe
iowa is flat between limestone bluffs lined the highway winds

sky witnessed from highways is consistent with “twinkling” stars
i could make out her tone was flat the sun seemed suddenly dim

everything in sight looks really dim.” “yeah, eclipse from now
the stars booth-lined, wood stuffed indian flat breads make love

but the real stars are in town to find dim traffic behind us lined
i drink half the flat the sparkles of countless stars laughed out loud

soul on a desert highway maybe i would dim the flames burning
that highway world was not flat the lead-lined light, blue stars …

slicked streets glow dim these images could be stars next year
two dim ufos flew into a 360, in the east turning off highway 101


sharply lined structures in ones count the stars six-banded
parrot-fish, violet-lined on the exposed reef flat called tracy

brushing my tousled hair out from the dim amount of stars
proudly the stars were generally sparse and flat I pulled off

unsafe to even get out we also lined up tickets to a lunch of
dim dessert like a highway, stood looking at the stars running

silently down a lined opening he held out something flat with
metal bands and dim roofs were flat, garden-covered nods

broad paths lined a forbear of man had crawled out down
from stars look at the moon and stars all lined up in order

stop – the lights would dim a moment and then shoot out
not stop on the highway they saw a flat hands were large

strong, around men working by dim pinned flat to ground
side of the highway blackthorne held out his hand of space

as stars my chevy down this narrow highway light of a dim
quickly saw the flat of the road, lined with email lists, send

musicians, supermodels, movie stars, intersection interstate
(highway of brighter and dimmer stars there dim trails form

a nearly flat looking window, curtis seems to be lined 83k all
highway, auto, new paint floppy drives, color moniter, flat

numerous rookie cards, stars with a spacious tree lined check
out the pix’s if dim from any of the highway these lights began

to dim darkness the brilliant stars the water was flat stopping
spreading out in vertical shapes, but now the white, pitiless

stars to read with swift plaza along the headway; down a
street lined by tracks full of iron flat hard as stone highways

dim shadows creep along i looked out onto open highway
in the direction of the bang stars wayward nightmare in e-flat

find a seat, crap out compressors run by you got a job lined
little numerals in the dim which was graveled with stars looked

out across the highway seeing only a few faint stars were
flat, other side of the highway minutes, then everyone lined

the train lady ran out in utah, a dim brown, “big bad love”
stars his dreams, the dim two off the deck, i pulled off the

highway down, black and flat junior kimbrough’s juke joint
large (literally miles), very flat so we followed highway 49 …

Part 1 originally appeared online in slope (USA)

“Calling Occupants of the International Search Poetry Movement”

To read more about the origins of the International Search Poetry Movement, click here!

The Engineering of Social Control: The Search for the Silver … buildings shield their occupants from life … Research. In calling attention to … severely limits search and seizure … to the movement of crime … wrote a poem that asks … Limerick Leader – February 17th, 2001 – Features – Odds and ends … the Civil Rights movement. She has maintained … small that their occupants could scarcely be … writer, appends a poem to her … native Kerry, calling at Askeaton on … The Jerusalem Post Newspaper : Online News From Israel – Features … describes the rebel occupants of the fortress … of Jewish terrorists calling itself the Sicarii … the burgeoning settler movement. … by Lamdan’s poem and dreams of a … 4003: Service of the Living Tradition – UUA General Assembly 2001 … recall WB Yeats’ poem “The Second Coming … to explore that calling for four … to sustain a movement that would … than mere occupants of time … Main Page Search Our Site … altair 5 … poems and in search of the famous … Jackson C. Frank. ‘Poem On The … the slow movement from Khachaturian … Beach Boys. ‘Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary … This is – Khe Sanh Article … under fire while calling in gunships and … M/3/3’s search of the draw … kind from our movement up the hill … of its enemy occupants. From this … I composed a poem in my … Netsurfer Digest 06.06 … the open-source movement, and all without … images. The craft’s occupants obtained the best … After each poem is a … in the search for new … Calling Doctor George For … CHEZ JIM: A Visit to Castalia with Ovum … certain of its occupants: … broadsheet carrying a poem written by Leroi … you stop at calling methods artificial … of the movement would camp … upstairs in search of one … [PDF] Search For Historical Earthquakes in the Panhandle and El Paso … File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML … Search For Historical Earthquakes in the Panhandle and El Paso Regions of Texas University of Texas at Austin Institute of Geophysics Texas State Historical … Amlcar Cabral (EV) … on the car occupants Amlcar Cabral and … feels an irresistible calling during his … This search for an … led a guerrilla movement with one …

stop f***ing paying out on “bogans”

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