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Back To the Tourist III

you better run, squirrel …

destinations detonate like
the coyote on acme or speed
my runners wear thin again
– it’s time to go back to
the tourist (iii) troubles
i’ve seen em (stacked them
high lived them low better
clear out of this saloon &
hope a time machine comes
soon … sitting inside a
pentagon (shooting aliens
is more fun than it looks
send home an ordinary book
hear the killer drone it’s
a shoelace they’ve untied
forgotten homework inside
a locker full of pin-ups &
baseball pendants at home
in the brochured suburb i
took a spin in the rhyme
machine pedalling madly
just to make these hours
swim in buckets shortened
calls – the snowy breezes
& the freshly paved street
sheets of burning rubber
castle motels conventions
buses without destinations


PC Bang Signage 46-48


Sound of Vitality

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  1. yes I know what you mean…

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