New poem in Ekleksographia!

New, never-before-seen poem!

I’ve got a new, never-seen-before poem in Pam Brown’s Music-themed special issue of US-based web journal Ekleksographia. Well, when I say new I mean I wrote it a year ago in Seoul. This is the first time anyone’s ever seen it, including me. The poem’s called (On the Tomb of) Yun Hye–yong and it’s based on a rather dubious story I read in a Korean newspaper about “one of the former lovers of Kim Jong-Il”. There’s some great poetry (and multimedia) in the issue, it’s well worth checking out in its entirety. I like the philosophy behind Ekleksographia too: “Ekleksographia is an exercise in asymmetrical publishing, and is a shoe (or even two!) thrown at the spotlit shrug and yawn”. Get thee to the contents page immediately!

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