NME threatens Davey Dreamnation expose

Superstar singer-songwriter Davey Dreamnation awoke a marked man this morning, after learning that his name and reputation may be called into question in the pages of one of Britain’s most reputable sources of local and international news – the NME.

Editorial staff at the paper would not be drawn on rumours that they are in fact planning a massive two page centrefold expose article on the beleagured bard, the viciousness of which has not been seen since the break-up of The Tin Lids, and its brilliantly documented aftermath.

Speaking from the pool area of Dreamnation’s tour retreat somewhere in the Top End, his Esperanto interpreter laughed in the face of what seems like an impending PR disaster.

“Well, you’ve got to look at this in terms of Davey’s fan base. I mean, despite all his efforts to make his songs available over the Internet, the reality is that he has only one or two fans, both of whom live in Launceston, where Internet connection speeds are sensational. So an article in the freaking NME isn’t going to worry Davey. He’s got his eyes on the ball. He’s going to tour Tasmania again.”

It remains to be seen whether Dreamnation’s apparent isolationism will work, especially as he has always maintained his determination to “make it” in the UK. Ironically enough, his third single last night betty is due for release the day before the so-called article rolls of the NME presses. Needless to say, anything short of a scathing response from the artist will only encourage rumours and innuendo. But, as ever, Davey’s interpreter remained tight-lipped.

“Mnn, hnn, hnrhh,” was all she could say, before hanging up.

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