DNRC020 | 7″ | 2003 | DELETED

The name says it all, really, and perhaps that’s just what Felix and his Fuzz Chargers intended all along. Consisting of three minutes of near-silence, this epic statement of anti-corporate experimentalism, though sadly deleted, can easily be reproduced by putting some ice in a blender and then moving to the next room. Recalling the insanity of Wire’s “Drill” period, the b-side, a cover of Cruns’ “We Are The Cruns” does it all over again, except this time it sounds like you’re in the next building. As uncompromising as all the other DNRC bands, Fuzz Charge would go on to dabble in surftronica, harmonithrash and chantrock (move over, Enigma monks) before changing their name to Somewhere Between Eighth and Ninth. And the rest, as they say, is another story. Fuzz Charge’s greatest hits album, the sardonically titled “Bargain Bin”, can be found in the usual places.

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