DNRC017 | LP | 2003 | DELETED

During the heady summer of 2002, when DNRC was still in its infancy and Davey Dreamnation had just completed his barnestorming tour of the Northern Territory, rumours began circulating about oen of the support bands on that tour, and their reputation for incendiary live performances. Maple Lanes, as the band were fleetingly known, featured a barely-disguised Dreamnation on drums, plus an assortment of stand-in vocalists and guitarists. Their music, which remains to this day unlistenable, focussed heavily on the gas and mineral exploration industries, whose influence still towers over music produced in Australia’s far-north. Astonishingly, Maple Lanes only ever recorded one studio LP, and as a showcase of the band’s talents, it remains unsurpassed. Diehard fans will already possess live versions of most of these tracks, however this collection would be worth the purchase price for the inclusion of “MLF” alone, had the album not sadly been deleted upon its release.

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