City of radiation and pliers. To find meaning in the ad breaks between sutras. City of radio free emoticons. Television is a sheet of glass between eternity and magnetism. Decomposition comes naturally. We are of the worm. This electronic charge re-situates my poles. I crave great density. Listen to the crystals dictating terms for an armistice that will never come, discovering some correlation between diplomatic functions and these bare-faced streets of Ioni. Packed with pseudopotential, the trains revolve on time. Chaos – or is it entropy? – is achieved in such a way that no one ever notices the difference. At the community police station, some charge is bound to be read out, slowly. I document the eruption of a different species. It is no longer appropriate to quote scientific abstracts in the fce of minor court officials. Beneath the piping of sub-latrines, a new manure-nation can unambiguously be defiled. By means of decomposition, the general and his band of assassins attempt microscopic reform, supposedly for Ioni’s benefit. Truth and reconciliation can only be established once minight’s hour has swung around to face its attackers. This army, being constructed from the valency of zero, charges invisibly, and the longitude thus undergoes strict change, otherwise known as annihilation. The latter can also be expressed by experimental soundscapes, as in the aura bars of the steely capital’s sun districts. Drugs flow through veins here in well defined quantities, i.e. the obverse of the pupil’s dilation, by the wax and wane of which our loony calendar is set. Transverse, on the other hand, becomes a new form of poetic dialogue between effective traitors and the opposite charges. Our macroscopic viewpoint produces a dielectric constant. Propose explicit values for all classes, large and peasant. Histories of crystals are a given. They can be compared with the other cities, existing (as we do) on warped and tortured scales.

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