Lavender Zine: in a matchbox!

Last week I got an untold message from Pascalle Burton:

I am delighted to announce that the Bumper Poetry Issue of The Lavender Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox is here! Thanks again for participating in the project; I am thrilled with the issue and love the range in the collection. And at over three times the size of my regular issues, it really is Bumper!

And I’m delighted to say that my poem ‎(On the tomb of) José Sara­m­ago is a tiny part of said Laven­der Room Zine-in-a-Matchbox Bumper Poetry Issue (2011)! I’m in some pretty kewl company. Check it:

Natasha L Adams / Alana Brekelmans / Sally Browne / Amanda Coghlan / Jason Darling / Connor Dee / Bruce Dorlova / Emma Farry / Andrew Galan / Joy Green / Hadley / Matt Hetherington / Sasha Jessop / Carmen Keates / Mai Lin Li / Chris Lynch / Corrie Macdonald / Vern Mitchell / Graham Nunn / mr oCean / Andrew Phillips / Jacob Polley / Doug Poole / David Prater / Tessa Rose / Nathan Shepherdson / Dawn Joy Silversides / David Stavanger / Michael D Tees / Bianca Walsh / emily xyz

And this is what the zine looks like, for realz:

You can follow The Lavender Room on teh evilz, or check out LR products on etsy. And here’s just one more look at what you’re currently missing out on:


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