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seething since 2001

You are ace in all the ways that you are ace

Yes, you are. It’s that simple. Ace.
Superlief and bulk ace. Truly ace.

I’m trying to wipe an untold smile
from my freelance face. That’s how

ace. This much ace. If that much
is untold, double it and multiply by

ace. Bulk ace. Infinitely ace, drop
a stitch & save in bulk. Surrender

to the aceness. Truly devastating,
acetold. Funtold. Plumtold. Hightail,

bright-eyed, faun-like. Wide awake
at night ace. Acelike. Astonishingly

acetold, bird-eyed bulkness. You’re
so bulk ace I can’t believe it’s untold.


Punk Fraud: “Dark Side of Uranus”


EWF – uh-huh, uh-huh!


  1. KusKat

    Ace = Gaaf
    Bulk Ace = Supergaaf
    Truly Ace = Echt Gaaf
    Infinitely Ace = Oneindig Gaaf

  2. davey

    Duus, jij bent Oneindig Gaaf!

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