DNRC080 | LP | 2014 | DELETED

With which appallingly awful pun we can safely assume that the good ship DNRC – or Davey Dreamnation Enterprises, suffered some sort of nuclear-tinged meltdown, as temperatures on the surface of the earth forced all twenty six billion of its inhabitants into the Underground, leading to a predictable upsurge in assembly-line subterranean covers of Overworld hits in the cavernous venues and bars, although recognisable tunes are hard to find amongst Punk Fraud’s extremely and worryingly bare closet of songs featured here. Whereas in the past, with Dreamnation at the tiller of DNRC, tunes like Mead’s “Trans Drkstixb Express” (or even, Heaven help us, The Guide Ponies’ atrocious memento to any hint of credibility) were equally effective in electrifying circuit boards and switchboards across the Tribesco area, it seems that any hint of sanity, possibility, hope or fear would soon or shortly become scarce, if not sorely missed. The greatest tragedy is that life was discovered on Uranus shortly after this final transmission from the DNRC Control Room. Had Dreamnation lived to see himself literally and actually performing in a space colony on the dark side of Uranus, he may well have had pause for thought upon the probable vectors of his fate should he or anyone else ever to survive the impact of the heat wave. Sadly, however, even this last vestige, this final mirrorshard of seething adolescent fury has been deleted, and will never again be made not so.

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