tv_pow.jpgDNRC079 | LP | 2013 | DELETED

When Pixel Mouse’s fledgling Spurt! label released the Worm Kings’ barmily magnificent “Say Hello to the Worm Kings” in 2014, all hell broke loose in the underground bargain bins, as hordes of previously loyal DNRC fans deserted the now-troublingly moustachioed Dreamnation and opted instead for some music they could actually listen to. The success of Ms Mouse and her ‘stable’ of stars would prove to be both the salvationa dn the undoing of DNRC, with projected sales figures projecting downwards at a rapid rate, while on the brightisde, with sales figures in the zeroes, things could hardly get any worse. To cheer himself up, Dreamnation, ever the unpredictable talent-scraper, put together a choral group based around the concept of the nuclear family (any references to the nuclear, whether it be physics, radiation, decay and so on having even then still little or no resonance), and then proceeded to convince them, in a matter of seconds, to release this chirrupping and melodious tribute/anthem to that late, great television show TV Pow! and its wacky refrain, expressed a sentiment expressed also in its title. Surely sensing the inevitable, Davey somehow managed to delete this release mere seconds before its launch, in a dim underground cavern attached to the new Tribesco Underground, from where he outwitted his pursuers and made his way, via the underground, to the Casino. Sandbags had been laid in the tunnel entrances closest to the sunken river, but these did not bother him, as he sat in the Sports Bar, watching Tornadoes wreak havoc in the first quarter vs USA.

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