Voor mijn valentijn

ik breng dit voor mijn gappies maar mijn valentijn is wel de liefste liefie, liefie … waar ben je nu ik ben hier maar jij niet (waarom zeg je daarom iedere keer? hoe kan dat … nou, weet ik veel…

Stockholm Calling

Just like a Californian burrito maker, I've been preventing myself from spilling the beans by keeping them strictly under wraps (rim-shot!) but now seems as good a moment as any to announce that I will be moving to Stockholm. In ten days.

What was I doing there?

As threatened in my previous post, I've written a reflection on the many existential crises I endured during my three years in the Netherlands. Okay, endured is putting it a bit too mildly. Oh, I mean, strongly. Um ... whatever. Warning: semi-extended rant follows.