Final Friday

dress young

This poem was first published in Page Seventeen (2010) and also appeared in my privately-published chapbook Final Friday (2010).


'Anti-kraak' is a Dutch term for a person or group of people who occupy otherwise empty buildings, with the permission of the owners, in order to prevent squatters from moving in.


A rewriting of Bernard O'Dowd's poem 'Australia' (published in The Bulletin in 1900). 'Oz' was first published online in Jacket (2010) and anthologised in Thirty Australian Poets (UQP 2011).


"... the cute and loving appreciation of my book and me by them in Australia has gone right to my heart." —Walt Whitman, writing to Bernard O'Dowd This poem was first published online in Blackbox Manifold (UK) and later in print in Best Australian Poems (Black Inc, 2011). Läs på svenska.